In Other News: Scientists Have Created Edible Plastic Wrap

| August 23, 2016

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Plastic wrap is terrible for the environment, because we use it for everything . . . it can’t be recycled . . . doesn’t break down in landfills . . . and it leeches chemicals into the ground water. So this would be HUGE if it pans out . . .

The American Chemical Society held its annual meeting in Philadelphia on Sunday. And researchers from the Department of Agriculture announced a new alternative to plastic that looks the same . . . but is fully biodegradable, and even EDIBLE.

It’s made by combining something called citrus pectin with a protein in milk called casein. So they’re calling it “casein biofilm.” (Pronounced KAY-seen.)

And it’s different from other green packaging, because it’s actually BETTER than plastic at keeping food fresh. They found it’s 500 times better at keeping oxygen out, which is what makes food go bad.

It’s not clear how long it’ll be before companies start using it. But they’re also working on a SPRAY version they could use to coat food with to keep it fresh. And since it’s edible, it might have other uses too.

For example, the reason cereal stays crunchy in milk for a few minutes is because it’s coated in sugar. But companies could just spray each flake with this stuff instead. So they could make certain cereals healthier, and it still wouldn’t get soggy.

(Mental Floss / Bloomberg)

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