In Other News: A Guy Lost His Prosthetic Leg, and Two Guys Found It in a Beaver Dam

| August 9, 2016

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Two guys named Elliot Fuller and Jason Franklin were riding a canoe down a creek in Wabeno, Wisconsin last week when they saw a LEG sticking out of a BEAVER DAM.

They paddled over to check it out, realized it was a prosthetic leg, and took it home. And they decided to check Craigslist on the off chance that someone had posted about it.

Believe it or not . . . someone HAD. The leg belonged to a 49-year-old guy named Mark Warner who’d lost it on a fishing trip three weeks earlier when his boat tipped over.

And one of his friends told him to post on Craigslist, just in case someone found it.

Elliot and Jason contacted him, and they met up with Mark to give him his leg back on Friday. He gave them a $50 reward.

(Detroit Free Press)

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