In Other News: A Cop Borrows a Little Kid’s Bike to Take Down a Criminal on the Run

| August 19, 2016


A cop in Bamberg, Germany tried to pull over a 27-year-old drunk driver on a moped on Tuesday. But the guy sped off, so the cop chased him until the guy went down a path that was big enough for his moped but not for the cop car.

So the cop got out . . . and immediately saw his answer: A little kid’s bike.

He took the bike and started furiously pedaling it down the path. And apparently the cop is a hell of a cyclist, because he actually caught up with the guy and arrested him.

The only downside is that the kid hasn’t been reunited with his bike yet. His parents have to call the station to set up a time and they haven’t reached out yet.

(The Local)

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