Downtown parking deck location set

| August 23, 2016

toombs street parking

VALDOSTA – Valdosta city officials have determined a location for the new downtown parking deck.

The new structure will be built at the site of the existing Toombs Street parking lot, directly behind several businesses. Once completed, the new parking deck will add several hundred parking spaces to downtown.

The city hopes the a new hotel, parking deck, and city center will be open by December 2017.

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3 Comments on "Downtown parking deck location set"

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  1. Angela cra says:

    Yay…Downtown is a magical place, we are so happy to play our part in making it great…Art and Soul family!

  2. Joe says:

    Develop some better paying jobs!!

  3. what the heck says:

    It would seem that the city would invest some money into the arts or give reason to even have a parking deck. Shouldn’t the hotel that is coming pay for it’s own parking needs like most businesses? If it is for other reasons please give an example. What is going to bring people downtown? A few restaurants owned by the same 2 or 3 people? Why not get rid of the hostile city ordinance about food trucks. Oh yeah protecting those same 2 or 3 downtown restaurants. This city is a joke, wanting to be big and urban but trying to control it so only certain people can make it. Downtown needs some pubs, some live music, a comedy club and an entertainment venue. Until then its just a bunch of old bricks with a couple of places to eat dinner.