Newton Receives Vascular Access Certification

| July 12, 2016


VALDOSTA – South Georgia Medical Center congratulates Denah Newton, RN, for receiving Vascular Access Certification (VA-BC) from the Vascular Access Certification Corporation (VACC).

This certification establishes competency standards in the specialty of vascular access and offers recognition for those who have met these standards and passed a comprehensive examination. A primary purpose of certification is the protection of the public through a means of measurement of current skills and knowledge. The VACC is committed to raising the bar in the specialty of vascular access through Evidenced Based Practice, professionalism, and advocating safe and responsible practice for patients and families.

Vascular access procedures involve the insertion of a thin plastic tube, or catheter, into a blood vessel to provide an effective method of drawing blood or delivering medications and nutrients into a patient’s bloodstream over a period of weeks, months or even years. Vascular access procedures are performed when patients need intravenous antibiotics, chemotherapy, IV nutritional support and/or kidney dialysis.

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