LCSO arrests seven in underage alcohol sales operation

| July 1, 2016

alcohol bust mugshots

LOWNDES CO. – Last week, detectives with the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office conducted an underage alcohol sales operation after receiving citizen complaints of high school age children buying alcohol.

During this operation, deputies visited forty retail store locations that sell alcohol and in seven of these locations, the detectives observed an employee sell alcohol to an underage person.

These employees were identified and warrants were taken for their arrest for the sale of alcohol to a minor.

On Wednesday, each of the persons turned themselves into the Lowndes County Jail and have since been released on bond.

The following individuals were charged with furnishing alcohol to a person under 21, reports stated:

Nilesh Patel
Nilesh Pramodbha Patel, 31
Food Mart
7215 Lakes Boulevard, Lake Park
Patel Mitulkumar
Mitulkumar Mahendrabhai Patel, 31

4460 Shiloh Road, Valdosta
Patel Mayur
Mayur Kumar Kiritbhai Patel, 22

Quick Mart
1111 Lakes Boulevard, Lake Park
Patel Ketankumar
Ketankumar Jayantibhai Patel, 31
RJ’s Food Mart
7415 Georgia Highway 376, Lake Park
Griner Amber
Amber Nicole Griner, 19

Little River Groceries
8235 Georgia Highway 122, Hahira
Mehta Yogeshbhai
Yogeshbhai Vasantbhai Mehta, 55

Stop N Go
1319 South Patterson Street, Valdosta
Warraich Mohammad
Mohammad Aran Warriach, 50

Big Foot Travel Center
1311 Georgia Highway 122, Hahira

“This is just one part of our continued efforts to reduce underage alcohol consumption and prevent traffic fatalities involving our young people. Although we are encouraged that only seven of the businesses sold to a minor, we will continue to conduct these operations at random intervals. Our youth are to important not to,” said Sheriff Chris Prine.

Sheriff Prine also encouraged anyone with information about suspicious or illegal activities to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (229) 671-2950; or anonymous tips can be provided at (229) 671-2985 or on-line at The Sheriff’s Office is also accessible on Facebook.

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5 Comments on "LCSO arrests seven in underage alcohol sales operation"

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  1. jae says:

    Great job !! Saving our youth should have been one of their priorities instead of pushing this substance!! Alcohol ! THE #1killer among our kids especially when they are newly licensed to drive, again !!way to go !!

  2. j says:

    The entire concept of a “drinking age” is crazy… at 18 you can get married, join the military and work but not even a beer… other countries in the world have no drinking age and have far less issues with alcohol related problems. As soon as you tell someone they can’t do something, it’s all they want to do. Let’s get with the times!!!

    • jae says:

      Ok let do get with the time, joining the military, getting married at 18 is a choice, not required ! But selling alcohol and tobacco to underage persons is a law that has been in force since the mid to late 70s and out youth is already in trouble being told its ok to break the law, not to mention here we will sell your kids the same beer that could cause the death of themselves or others, kids today are not the same as kids from my day , no responsibility or maturity

  3. Concerned American Citizen says:

    1. Not all patels are related. It’s a common last name like ‘Smith’ or ‘Williams’.
    2. Patels are not Muslims
    3. Do not group all Patels you know into the same category as these people. There are plenty of upstanding, hard-working Indians who contribute to society- business owners and doctors alike. Time and time again Indians are targeted in their businesses and hardly ever get justice.
    4. Yes, these people did something illegal but grouping all Indians into the same category as them and making inflammatory, racist, not to mention hurtful comments is not the American way. (Referencing the comments on the Valdosta Today LCSO arrest post on Facebook)

    There are plenty of “patels” and other Indians in Valdosta who are working hard and obtaining an education to contribute to our society but unfortunately the community only ever heard about a very small subset of law breakers. Just like any other group, there are good people and bad people. It won’t hurt to not make assumptions about every Indian person you meet.

  4. Let’s make everything legal. Then ,after awhile people will get bored of it, because it’s not illegal anymore, and the problem will correct itself. Now is that sound logic, or what?