In Other News: A Jail Guard Has a Heart Attack, So the Inmates Break Out of Their Cell to Help Him

| July 11, 2016

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There were eight inmates in a holding cell in the basement of a courthouse in Weatherford, Texas a few weeks ago and there was one guard watching them. Suddenly, he slumped over and fell down.

The inmates realized he’d had a HEART ATTACK, so they started shouting for help, but no one else was around. So they did the only thing they could do to save his life: They broke out of their cell.

Once they were out, some of them checked on him while the others screamed and banged on doors until FINALLY some deputies upstairs heard them and came down.

When they got downstairs, they thought it was a RIOT, but thankfully they listened to the prisoners who told them what was happening. Then the cops did CPR on the guard, and actually helped him get a pulse back.

They thanked the inmates for helping to save his life, but it wasn’t like, “Hey, now you can all go free” . . . they still had to go in front of the judge for their charges. And the holding cell has been reinforced.

(ABC 8 – Dallas

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