In Other News: A Guy Goes After an Alligator to Get His Phone Back and Survives . . . But Now It Doesn’t Work

| July 6, 2016

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A 24-year-old guy named Anthony Larrimore was walking on a boardwalk in Fort Myers, Florida this weekend, and taking pictures of some alligators with his iPhone . . . when he DROPPED it.

And it landed in the swamp, right next to a gator.

So Anthony decided to RISK HIS LIFE to get his phone back . . . apparently there were a bunch of pictures of his 10-month-old son on there, and he didn’t want to lose them.

The gator was making angry noises at him, and even put his snout over the phone. But Anthony STILL stuck his arm down to grab it. And he got lucky, because the gator DIDN’T bite.

But that’s where his luck stopped. Because once he had his phone back, it wouldn’t even turn on anymore.

(Fort Myers News-Press

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