In Other News: A Children’s Hospital Is Using “Pokemon Go” to Get Kids Up and Moving

| July 19, 2016


This is one of the better “Pokemon Go” stories we’ve seen.  Especially since no one had to crash their car or fall off a cliff to make the news.

There’s a children’s hospital at the University of Michigan where doctors and nurses have started using “Pokemeon Go” as a way to get kids up and MOVING, so they don’t stay in their rooms and sit in bed all day.

There are several “Pokestops” inside the hospital, so they can play it even if they can’t go outside.  And there’s also at least one Pokemon gym.

One woman who has an 11-year-old son there says it can get pretty depressing for him to stay in his room all day.  So it’s been a great way to get him to walk around a little bit, and socialize with other kids.

Apparently some other hospitals have actually been BANNING the game, because people keep wandering in off the street looking for Pokemon to catch.

But a spokesman for the hospital says they put up signs to show people where the hotspots are, so they don’t wander into restricted areas.  And so far they haven’t had any problems.

(USA Today)

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