Morning News Briefs for 6-17-16

| June 17, 2016


In January 2015 three Clinch County men were indicted by a grand jury in the gang related death of 22 year old Clay Cross in My 2014. Dennard Posley, Dexter Freeny and Steven Monroe faced 48 counts including malice and felony murder. Their trial came to an end as a jury found Posley not guilty but Monroe was found guilty and his sentence was 190 years in prison. Freeny had already entered a plea bargain deal with prosecutors and agreed to testify against Posley and Monroe; he is now in prison. The gang members were responsible for a shot fired into a Homerville nightclub that ricocheted-striking Cross and killing him.

An Interstate 75 chase is under investigation by troopers with the Georgia State Patrol. Officials say that it all began near mile marker 20 and ended at mile marker 27 after a pit maneuver was used to stop the suspect. One person was injured and the interstate was shut down for a while as the debris was cleared away.

An Albany motel-the Luxury Inn was the site of a drug raid-the second in less than 24 hours. Agents confiscated paperwork and computer software in an effort to determine if the business is involved in drug related activity. Officials report that on Wednesday law enforcement officers made the largest seizure of heroin ever in the city of Albany. Two men were arrested.

Multiple counts of fraud have been brought against a Pavo female and her accuser is her former roommate. The debit card of the former roommate was tapped for over $1,000. The accused had been given permission by Tiphani Beckham to use the card just once, but it was discovered that the card had been used to make cash withdrawals. Police believe that once the two had gone their separate ways Jaclyn Johnson got a credit card in her former roommate’s name.

Lake Park officials refill damaged graves
Justin Ross Harris trial moved to Glynn County
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