‘Mandy Strong’ arrested for faking cancer for donations

| June 7, 2016

LOWNDES Co. – The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office says Mandy Thornton Hargraves turned herself in on Monday for taking donations for a fake cancer diagnosis.

Last year, Mandy asked friends to launch the fundraiser “Mandy Strong” to help with medical expenses.

According to the GoFundMe account, Mandy claims she was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer of the stomach, lymph nodes, bloodstream, and heart.

LCSO says the investigation took nearly a year, after being notified by family and friends that the cancer was a fraud.

Hargraves is being charged with a misdemeanor for theft by deception.

Read more from reporter Noelani Mathews at WCTV.

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18 Comments on "‘Mandy Strong’ arrested for faking cancer for donations"

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  1. Matt says:

    There is a special place in hell for this woman.

  2. THE BROTHERS says:

    This cant be these type of people don’t commit crimes picture must be wrong

    • Alice says:

      You are the very reason we are a divided-people! Don’t pull the race card – all people commit crimes … not just ‘these types of people’.
      Stop dividing us! You are the reason you are oppressed!

    • Jacob says:

      Oh Yea and black people are never racist either I bet!!!! Your a disgrace not just to your race but also the human race

  3. Survivor says:

    Wow just Wow! I had cancer and went through all the chemo and everything that happens with that and she wants to fake it?! She should be made to work for St.Judes to get a taste of reality.

  4. jae says:

    I agree with a survivor! Make her get a taste of what cancer and treatment is all about , karma could have it!! Js

  5. Tony says:

    She is on so much dope and makes her look as she has cancer,pretty girl gone to waste that’s a dam shame.

  6. Fedupcitizen says:

    Inject her with cancer and let her see why people rebel aginst tha disease so much its nothing to FAKE about..

  7. coon hunter says:

    Stop it she’s studying criminal justice

  8. Kim says:

    God don’t like ugly. She will get her punishment in due time. It will probably be the fast, nothing the doctors can do for you type. Guess what the best part is that no one will believe her.

    • Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

      Yea, god don’t like ugly..except he will give little kids cancer and let this freak off with a slap on the wrist.

  9. Disgusted in Valdosta says:

    As a medical SW I’ve had to watch many people suffer with a cancer diagnosis….this girl should be made to work at a cancer facility for her sentence. Once you watch the agony of not only the patient but also the family torn apart by a diagnosis, perhaps she could then see what cancer REALLY does to all those affected. Unimaginable that someone, a woman, a mother could be THAT incredibly callous and despicable. Disgusting!!!! Pay your bills the old fashioned way, work your ass off like the rest of the population. Special place in hell is awaiting her.

  10. She was probably buying some of them there drugs.

  11. Carol says:

    Stomach cancer alone will get you within months. They had a year to check this out??? Someone really dropped the ball on this scam.

  12. SouthernBelle says:

    That’s just insane. Faking cancer for attention and some cash burns me up. My dad has battled it for 3 years and do you think we ask for a show to be put on No. For someone to fake cancer burns me up. She didn’t accomplish anything but being the most disliked person in Valdosta and got herself the name the woman who faked cancer. She should be ashamed of yourself and not only have to serve jail time but she should be ordered to do community service hours at the cancer center and see just how hard it is for those you love and care about fight for there life.

  13. Daniel says:

    I knew a girl from Ocilla who claimed to have cancer. It wasn’t long after she turned up with a new mini-cooper after the donations started to pour in. She came from a fairly well off family who worked for the school system. It never did sit right with me. Namely because if she was hard up enough to take donations then she shouldn’t be driving a new vehicle. It should have went totally to her treatment. I think she honestly shaved her head and faked the whole thing.

    I believe when a person claims to have cancer and they start collecting donations their medical records should be released to the public. Either release them or don’t expect a dime.

  14. An Observer says:

    I disagree with those saying she should have to work at a cancer center. I wouldn’t want any of my friends or loved ones who have suffered through cancer to have to be in the same breathing space as someone who acted so despicably. She has a cancer in her heart all right.