Lake Park, Moody Internet Provider unplugs, leaving customers without service

| June 8, 2016

13396945_10157012955800343_1332865843_oVALDOSTA – Due to what the company described as “economic times,” an internet service provider for many Lake Park and Moody Air Force Base residents unexpectedly cut off access to its customers.

Florida-based TAP Broadband stopped servicing its Georgia customers without warning. The company has not made a public comment about the issue since its June 3 notice on Facebook.

The company is involved in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case in Florida, according to reports.

Unhappy customers have flocked to the company’s Facebook page to express their frustration with TAP, including several who say the company has charged their credit cards after the service was unplugged.

Customers also say they have been unsuccessful in contacting the company.




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3 Comments on "Lake Park, Moody Internet Provider unplugs, leaving customers without service"

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  1. David Joyner says:

    Mike Jury, the CEO of Altitude/TAP is a piece of work. He must have thought that simply putting a new sign out front without changing then inside would fix it. I’ve read about him enough to know this isn’t the first time his companies have done this, so I’m not surprised. I only found out from a fellow customer and friend of mine that my connection had been severed, not even an automated message telling me not to call back. TAP probably got tired of being told to hold themselves to a better standard and just took their toys and went home.

  2. Hey there is a new kid in town who wants to offer high speed wireless internet to Lake Park! Check out

    These guys are SERIOUS!!!!

  3. Johnny C says:

    Well .. I see that TAPP is now bankrupt .. THANKX .. Now what I would like to know is that maybe another company (Mediacom, AT&T or whoever) will purchase/or maybe rent the now unused lines that TAPP owns and re-establish service to the customers that are now without? I think this is a viable option the lines are still their and not being used? Why Not? Also why is there no more updated news on what going to happen on re-establishing internet service is there another company going to fill the void? What is our local governments (County, City or State) doing to resolve this and how long is this outage going to be?