In Other News: There’s Way Too Much Cheese in the United States Right Now

| June 1, 2016

cheese copy

Apparently the United States has a massive CHEESE stockpile right now.  About 1.19 billion pounds of cheese is just sitting around, waiting to be eaten.  Not, like, in your fridge . . . in cold storage at restaurants, businesses, and grocery stores.

That’s the biggest surplus ever.

The average American eats 36 pounds of cheese a year . . . but we’d all have to eat THREE EXTRA POUNDS this year to clear out all the extra cheese.

Why do we have so much?  The European Union stopped exporting cheese to Russia back in 2014, as part of the sanctions against Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine.

Europe wound up with a surplus . . . prices dropped . . . and American companies bought it up.  Who knew geopolitical conflict would affect your insatiable need for cheese-stuffed pizza crust?

(Washington Post)

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