In Other News: A Lunch Lady Is Busted For Stealing Thousands of Dollars of Lunch Money

| June 28, 2016

Fadwa Sarsaur

There’s a 51-year-old woman named Fadwa Sarsaur in Alexandria, Virginia who works as a lunch lady at an elementary school. And she was just busted for stealing kids’ lunch money.

Now, she didn’t do it by shoving them against lockers or anything like that. The kids today pay for lunch with electronic accounts, and Fadwa was in charge of adding money to them when the kids would bring in cash or a check.

But she figured out a way to mess with the records so she could siphon out thousands of dollars over the past three years.

She was finally caught last week, and she turned herself in on Friday on three counts of embezzlement.

(NBC 4 – New York

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