In Other News: A Kid Sold Newspapers for Five Years, and Made Enough to Pay for College

| June 8, 2016

Kevuntez King
Source: The Commercial Appeal

There’s a 17-year-old kid in Memphis named Kevuntez King, who’s been getting up at 3:45 every Sunday for four and a half years to sell NEWSPAPERS.

Exactly . . . he’s a teenager, and he not only knows what newspapers ARE, he SELLS them. Outside . . . at the corner . . . every Sunday morning . . . no matter the weather . . . for 12 hours . . . for almost five YEARS.

He grew up with a single mom, so back when he was 12 he figured out he could make $150 a week doing it. And he eventually saved up enough money to pay for COLLEGE.

He just graduated from high school with straight A’s . . . played three sports . . . and got voted Prom King. He’s headed to Tennessee State this fall, and is planning to study physical therapy.

He told the local news his mom is the one who taught him to work hard and never give up. And people in his apartment building have also offered support over the years.

His message for other kids is to stay positive, believe in yourself, and, quote, “make sure you surround yourself with people [who are] trying to go UP in life, and not trying to bring you down.”

(Q13Fox / WBTV / Commercial Appeal)

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