Fireworks rules changed ahead of Independence Day

| June 23, 2016


ATLANTA – Georgia residents will have two less hours to set off fireworks this Independence Day.

Restrictions signed into law in April ban Georgia residents from setting off fireworks after 9 p.m. throughout most of the year. Gov. Nathan Deal signed the law in response to angry residents jolted awake during non-holidays.

The new restrictions also pull back the number of hours fireworks can be used on Independence Day and New Year’s Day.

Fireworks are now allowed until 1 a.m. on New Year’s and midnight on Fourth of July. The measure, House Bill 727, also bans people from igniting fireworks on roads and highways and within 100 yards of a hospital, nursing home and prisons.

Lowndes County officials are also asking residents to be mindful of veterans when setting off fireworks in residential areas. Loud noises reminiscent of gunfire and explosion can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder.

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8 Comments on "Fireworks rules changed ahead of Independence Day"

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  1. lchb says:

    And who is actually going to enforce these new times? Every times I’ve called Brooks County about my idiot neighbors, I can literally hear the dispatcher rolling her eyes. Last year my vehicles were continually pelted with showers of shotgun blasts but again, Brooks County did NOTHING. Fireworks should be banned completely.

    • Mr. Sir says:

      Exactly why should fireworks be banned? Just because you are disturbed by them?

    • Rick D. Day says:

      Soooo how is that ban on heroin working out for ya?

      It’s not against the law to have fun and we have too many restrictive laws as it is. If a cop even suspects you are on blood pressure medicine, or having toked a bit of the devil’s lettuce a month agao while shooting fireworks, and you trip and stumble in the dark, the new law, that is a $2500 fine, hun.

      Do us all a favor and keep your laws to yourself and go out of town on that holiday.

      • MerryGoRoundGoesRound says:

        You’re obviously one of them “good ol boys” that likes to set em off all night long. Lighter in your right hand, cold one in the left, hat turned around backwards.

        When you run out of fireworks, out comes the ammo.

        It’s amazing how idiotic folks will act when given the chance. You want fireworks? Go to the mall or Wild Adventures. Fireworks don’t belong in a residential setting.

    • Robert says:

      Maybe this year, you should move your vehicles. They were obviously in the way.

  2. My name says:

    Loud noise ordinances should be put into play in residedential areas because I work from home and it is disturbing that people calling me have to listen to such noise. Also, my neighbor’s dog runs to my house in fear of the noise from the fireworks. Very frustrating…

  3. lchb says:

    They should be banned for use by private citizens because the general public doesn’t take safety or common courtesy to heart when using them.

    4:00 in the morning this year on New Years Day and my dog is shivering and having accidents in the house because the noise is terrifying.

    The few and far between that actually use them, abuse them. I guess it will take more injuries and a house fire or two for something to be done, but unfortunately, politicians love that tax money that fireworks brings.

    • Robert says:

      This is where survival of the fittest and natural selection comes in to play. Those that don’t take safety or common sense seriously, are killed. Maybe you should also give your dog some Xanax to calm him, or expose him to the noises so that he is no longer afraid. There is little to no tax money that is made from the sale of fireworks as well.