Clinton Seizes Historic Primary Win

| June 8, 2016



Powered by a solid triumph in California, Hillary Clinton declared victory in her yearlong battle for the heart of the Democratic party, seizing her place in history and setting out on the difficult task of fusing a fractured party to confront Donald Trump.

Clinton cruised to easy victories in four of the six state contests on Tuesday. With each win she further solidified Sen. Bernie Sanders’ defeat and dashed his already slim chances of using the last night of state contests to refuel his flagging bid.

The much-needed winning streak allowed Clinton to celebrate her long-sought “milestone” — the first woman poised to lead a major political party’s presidential ticket.

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2 Comments on "Clinton Seizes Historic Primary Win"

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  1. So says:

    So it’s either Crooked Hillary or Nazi Donald? The founding fathers are doing somersaults in their graves this morning.

  2. lchb says:

    There goes the neighborhood….