VPD releases video footage of Ora Lee West drug bust, crowd obstruction

| May 11, 2016

VALDOSTA – The Valdosta Police Department has released video footage of a crowd of people attempting to stop a drug arrest at the Ora Lee West housing project.

Seven people have been arrested in the incident that begin around 1 p.m. on Monday. After taking a drug suspect into custody, video shows a crowd of people attempting to interfere with the arrest of another suspect.

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VALDOSTA – Six people were arrested Monday after a crowd attempted to stop officers from making a drug arrest outside a Valdosta housing project.

At approximately 1 p.m., a Valdosta Police Department officer was reportedly observing foot traffic in the Ora Lee West Housing Complex using the department’s city-wide camera system.

“The officer observed a drug transaction and made contact with one subject who was found to be in possession of marijuana,” said VPD Lt. Adam Bembry.

That individual, Willie Roberts, 25, was taken into custody. The officer reportedly began to investigate the vehicle where the transaction originated.

“A police K-9 alerted that illegal narcotics were present in the vehicle, and the officer observed drug paraphernalia in plain view inside the vehicle,” Bembry said. “An unidentified African American female then approached the officer claiming ownership of the vehicle, stating to the officer that he was not allowed to go into her vehicle. When the officer attempted to explain what he discovered to the female, she grabbed the door to the vehicle and began to attempt to close it.”

According to police reports, a man later identified as DeAnthony Motes, 27, then ran toward the officer and entered the vehicle on the opposite side.

“The officer and his back up unit began giving verbal commands for Motes to stop and not to enter the vehicle. Motes ignored the commands and grabbed a large sized bag of marijuana out of the vehicle and threw it under the vehicle, out of the reach of officers,” Bembry said. “Another unknown person grabbed the marijuana and fled the scene. While officers began taking Motes into custody, Motes became physically combative and resisted arrest.”

A crowd of between 15 to 20 people then surrounded the two officers in an attempt to interfere with the arrest of Motes. Approximately eight to 10 individuals then began attempting to assist Motes by trying to push one of the car doors shut to prevent the officers from taking Motes into custody, Bembry said.

“Multiple verbal commands were given by the officers to the crowd to get back away from them and additional officers responded,” Bembry said. “An additional four subjects were taken into custody for obstruction of officers and the investigation is still active as the department is attempting to identify the remaining individuals who obstructed officers.”

image002A total of six individuals were taken into custody Monday in connection with the incident. A seventh person, Anthony Eady, 29, was reportedly identified using video footage and arrested Tuesday.

The following subjects were arrested for the charges listed and were transported to the Lowndes County Jail:

  • DeAnthony Motes, 27: Possession of Marijuana w/Intent to Distribute (FELONY), Possession of Tools for the Commission of Crime (FELONY), Possession of Marijuana w/Intent to Distribute within 1000 feet of a Housing Project (FELONY, Tampering with Evidence (FELONY), Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)
  • Willie Roberts, 25: Possession of Marijuana (Misdemeanor)
  • Devon Adams, 22: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)
  • Porsche Scott, 27: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)
  • Michael Green, 26: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)
  • Kenyatta Johnson, 24: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)
  • Anthony Eady, 29: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)

Bembry said the entire incident was recorded on video, including the officers’ body-worn cameras.

A YouTube video recorded by a bystander captured one of the obstruction arrests and has been circulating social media sites since yesterday afternoon.

“The police department has received numerous complaints over the past several months of illegal drug sales in the area of Troup Street and East Jane Street. This incident confirms information which the department received. We will not tolerate this nonsense going on in our city and everyone who interfered with the officers will be arrested,” said Childress.

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  1. Justanobservation says:

    Just an observation, why are there 15-20 people gathered around at 1:00 on a Monday afternoon. Don’t you think they should of been at work? You would be hard pressed to find more than 5 adult males between the ages of 18-60 in my neighhborhood on a Monday afternoon.

    • Bob says:

      That’s your tax dollars at work (instead of these people)!!!

    • Dionne says:

      I DEFINITELY agree! Idle minds are the devil’s workshop!!

    • SOsickofthiscrap says:

      Because they make MORE money by NOT working or by working only a few hours weekly!! Housing, foodstamps, free medical, free phones, free, free, free. Then, on top of it they can work under the table or work illegally helping the dopeman sell his wares. I have heard MANY people say, “I know exactly how many hours I can work and not lose my benefits.”

      • CRACKA HATER says:

        Same thing you crackas do but hate when we do it lol

        • Amused says:

          First “Cracka Hater”, you’re obviously a racist piece of trach. Second, learn to construct a proper sentence before posting your stupidity on a public forum. Third, it’s punks like YOU, that continue fanning flames and causing problems for all of us.

        • Gryphon says:

          Stop voting Democrat…or would that cut of the “cheese” you’re getting now?

        • wacker craker says:

          craker hater don’t worry The Obama Free Ride Tour is about over time to get a J O B.

      • Masked Crusader says:

        It’s not free.

        Tax payers are covering the cost.

    • Valdosta Guy says:

      This is very true but it is also very possible that they work the night shift somewhere.

  2. Just saying says:

    The man that was commenting during the video said ” you don’t know if you gonna get shot or what might happen anymore.” Normal people do not interfere when cops are trying to do their job. If you don’t want to get shot, then don’t do stupid things that could get you shot.

  3. Dottie Prater says:

    I will never understand why some think they are above the law. Every person involved in this should be in jail. Do they even comprehend this could have had a completely different outcome?

  4. Jus' Sayin' says:

    Wait a minute….isn’t that KJ’s sister?? interesting…..

    • Asia says:

      Why are you so worried if It is ?

    • Shane says:

      Why, yes! Yes, it is! She’s just mad at the cops for not arresting her brother’s “murderers”. It’ll wear off in a few years.

      • No Judge says:

        ‘Shane’ be careful…. No one is immune to tragedy! Yes, her family is still going through it because they have no closure. He WAS murdered! You really shouldn’t make a mockery out of her situation. She was wrong for interfering, but you’re wrong for talking about her brother’s situation that way. You couldn’t possibly think you’re better than she is!!!!! God judges us ALL for what we do individually. Maybe your hatred and ignorance will wear off….In a few years.

        • Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

          Closure=Payday to them.

        • not judging says:

          How do you know that he was murdered? If you know for sure, you should provide information to the authorities so something can be done about it. I think it is your opinion that he was murdered. Why is it so difficult to admit that it was a strange accident? He is likely making fun of the situation because of the ridiculousness of it all. The family is obviously trying to force a verdict when they have no evidence. I initially felt sorry for them, not I do not believe they truly want justice, they want compensation.

    • Mr Ora Lee west says:

      So what is interesting about that ?

    • Bart says:

      Who is KJ?

  5. Patricia Rye says:

    Why isn’t obstruction of an Officer a felony?

  6. Valdosta 610 says:

    They had yr back doe. Looking like a Amazon kool aid pck

  7. ET says:

    I think racism should be a felony. Until then… FTP

  8. Who ties theses people's shoe laces? says:

    He didn’t do nuffin. That’s some great Americans right there. If these people had to get a job they would lose their minds. I here you can ride through that area from 8am-3pm and its as quite as a library. But as soon as they decide to role out of bed its start getting “crunk” and stays that way through the early hours of the morning. oh yea I just remembered its my fault stupid me.

  9. My question is this there living for free on tax payers money and all they can do is sell drugs and start fights maybe they need to be put in the army and sent to the front to fight iss and others/ pay there way in life sense they don’t care about others life .If they make it back alive and with there heads and haven’t been burned alive we shall owe them a hand shake and a thanks instead of hand cuffs and a hard bunk in jail.

  10. Mr Ora Lee west says:

    Y’all love to get on here actin Almighty and perfect everybody are not raised the same some of us do what we gotta do. Its more people in Ora Lee west that make over 200 thousand a year you can take us out the hood but not the hood out us..

    • Givemeabreak says:

      Wait…you mean they make 200K per year and are living in project housing hmmm…

  11. concerned says:

    Not only are they not working but I’m I the only one that has noticed that they are driving nice cars and no one is working. Their food, heath care and housing in free. Our government is screwed up. Everyone standing there should have went to Jail.

  12. Shaking My Head. The only difference here will be that they will be in jail eating into my tax dollars instead of sitting in a subsidized house eating subsidized food.

  13. ThankyouGOD says:

    That’s a shame.. They acted as if they want to jump those officers.. I see why officers are so on edge.. Its stuff like this.. They shouldn’t even be allowed to stay in the Housing projects.. The candidates the choose to place in these houses should not have background of and kind..that would stop a lot of this mess..every night all you hear is cussing and fighting in Hudson Docket.. You have tenant that work and pay rent to stay here and they can’t get a descent night sleep for peoples hanging out all time of the night keeping up mess..need to be a curfew in these housing projects and it need to be enforce..

  14. Well well well says:

    If she’s KJ sister or not..He still didn’t deserve what happen to him!

    • Shane says:

      Did someone say he deserved to die? Still doesn’t make it murder. Jackie should have paid for that locker. I wonder if she feels guilty and that’s why she’s going so hard for her version of “justice” ($$)?

  15. A big thanks goes out to the law enforcement. Every day they have to put up with trash like this. When they shoot one of the law breakers the parents are sure to say, Poor lil Johnny was turning his life around. He was a good kid and on and on.

  16. 200k per year, doing what? Selling dope, in Ora Lee West?

  17. SANRDA says:

    No decent law abiding citizen want drugs in their communitee. and most people want to earn an honest living but in order to do that the playing field must be leveled. Police officers should be able to do their job without interference as long as they are abiding the law. In reading the majority of these comments I notice quite a bit of racism. Listen do your research on what race of people have broken the law in regards to Murder,rape,thievery and drugs and how the law responds to different races. only stupid people hate people because of the color of ones skin. The truth of the matter is people hate people out of greed they want everything for themselves so that they may be able to look their noses down on other people to make themselves appear to be better. No race of people is better than any other race we all have our issues.

  18. Once again says:

    Trump Trump Donald Trump. Vote so he can help keep scumbags like this from getting all of this free stuff that we are breaking our backs for.

  19. Tiffany says:

    Stop breaking the law,it’s just that simple! It will also help by trimming those trees for a better few!

  20. I heard these fine folks were on their way to bible study, when they were accosted by the VPD. When will it ever end?