Valdosta Today readers share photos after Tuesday’s storm (GALLERY)

| May 5, 2016

LOWNDES Co. – Tuesday’s storm caused damage throughout south Georgia, and several Valdosta Today readers have submitted photos of the damage they experienced.

Photos from Sarah Brevig


This is over here in Troupeville off Crabtree Lane. My truck got hit with the top of the tree that fell in my yard.
– Sarah Brevig


A tree split and fell onto a house in Troupeville – Sarah Brevig


This is the beautiful rainbow that me and my kids saw! It even looks like God is shining down beautifully onto this church!!! God is GOOD!!!! – Sarah Brevig

Photos from Felicha Jano





A few pics of the bad weather today in Lakeland. Sending prayers to those in need! – Felicha Jano

Photos from Autumn Orozco



Hail from yesterday’s storm in the Foxborough subdivision. – Autumn Orozco

Photo by Angela Carter


This was from Lakeland. – Daphne Kincaid

Photo by Kimberly Harper


This is my car that is hidden under the tree in the other photo from Lakeland. – Ashley Peek

Photo by Sarah Brooks


From Berrien County. My kids have been in tears over it. – Sarah Brooks

Photo by Tina Ingram

20160504_070945 (1)

This is the tree that fell during the storm in Lakeland. It’s actually touching the house but didn’t do any damage. Thank God it wasn’t any taller! I was inside with my 2-year-old and 4-year-old daughters. – Tina Ingram
Photo by Hope Plummer
This is a picture of our carport that is now in our back yard. We also had a damaged glass door, and a piece of our cement driveway came loose as well. – Hope Plummer

Photo by Shannon Adle


From the Shady Acres neighborhood. This is our pool flipped upside down. – Shannon Adle

Photo by Susan Collins-Yeager


We live in Grove Point, and I came home after dark to find our main gate to fence down, and our solid metal and granite outdoor kitchen, pergola, dining set, in a twisted mass. – Susan Collins-Yeager

Photo by James Bailey IV


A pic of my trampoline on my neighbor’s roof. – James Bailey

Photos by Erica Lynn Sirmons


Hwy 135 completely blocked past Good Hope Rd. We and several others in town were without power from around 6 p.m. well past 11 p.m. – Erica Lynn Sirmons


Plant nursery on Valdosta Hwy in Lakeland – Erica Lynn Sirmons

13170547_10154006179631598_11136100_o (1)


Hwy 221 coming into Lakeland and Oak St. – Erica Lynn Sirmons

Grove Point Subdivision photo by Bryan


Photo by Megan Rose Brown


This trampoline was trying to escape yesterday. Rolled up the fence and the wind changed direction. – Megan Brown

Photos by Rina Patel


Bulldog 2 in Lakeland! – Rina Patel



E. Frankline Ave. , Lakeland, Ga – Nina Patel

Photo by Amber and Jonathan Ruszler


This was after the storm passed through. Near Val Tech Rd. – Amber and Jonathan Ruszler

Photo by Staci Steven Murray


Picture doesn’t do it justice. This is about the size of my minivan girth wise. One of at least 6 downed trees in the field right outside Grove Point. – Staci Steven Murray

Photo by Ashley Troutman


We are in Northlake. This is the house behind us. I don’t think anyone was home thank goodness. – Ashley Troutman

Photo by Jenna Welch


Pine tree in our back yard just off of 133 in Valdosta. – Jenna Welch

Photo by Kimberly Howell


Power line on billboard, Coleman Road past Jumpin Jacks. – Kimberly Howell

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