Valdosta man indicted in Gangster Disciple investigation

| May 19, 2016

jeremiah convington 32

VALDOSTA -Jeremiah Convington, 32, of Valdosta has been indicted for his role in the Gangster Disciples.

Convington, also known as “Tre B” is one of more than 40 individuals who have been charged in a federal investigation for conspiring to participate in racketeering.

Convington was a first coordinator of the Gangster Disciples in the Valdosta area.

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7 Comments on "Valdosta man indicted in Gangster Disciple investigation"

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  1. Fine, fine, fine, outstanding citizen. He was framed.

  2. wendy says:

    That’s. All lies he is not in a gang and yes he made mistakes in his past but was making positives changes in his life..u cant hold him responsible for the actions of others he was a people person..he did not meet a stranger..and that was his down fall

  3. jamiah says:

    My father has NEVER been in a gang or have I seen him sell any drugs my father was for growth and development of all people he loved the youth and wanted better for them for us and his community and look what happens they spread lies and hurt his family all I ask is for him to be judged Fairley

  4. remeisha says:

    I’m 17 and that’s my dad this ain’t the man that they making him out to be he always was about family feeding family’s that didn’t have it I always looked up to him,he never did those things he was a black man that believed education could get you anywhere he teached a GED class but they don’t won’t to say that

  5. wendy says:

    All lies my husband was a great father he helped his community