Valdosta GSP wins MADD Post of the Year

| May 9, 2016

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VALDOSTA  – Georgia State Patrol Post 31-Valdosta recently won Post of the Year for 2016 at the Mothers Against Drunk Driving award ceremony in Atlanta.

The Valdosta post was chosen out of 52 posts in the state.

Nomination letter:

During 2015, Troopers from Post 31 lost three Troopers due to injury and transfer, but even with limited manpower they still made 353 arrests for DUI and are currently on track to show a 7 percent increase in DUI arrests for 2016!
Post 31 boasts 2 D.R.E. Troopers and the remaining 11 are all certified in ARIDE. These Troopers consider removing impaired drivers off the roadway as their most important task. They often work late and beyond their normal shifts in order to accomplish this goal. Post 31 has implemented a mapping system to document where every DUI arrest made by GSP is located. This enables Troopers to visually see any area with an increase in impaired drivers, in order to target patrols and road checks.

Post 31 conducts night-time road checks in areas where impaired drivers are suspected and often works in concert with the local jurisdictions in order to expand their footprint when conducting multiple road checks at the same time.

Post 31 has fostered a working relationship with the court systems in an effort to ensure that their cases are fully prepared for prosecution.

Post 31 has participated in several network traffic meetings and participated in Rolling Thunder during November of 2015, resulting in 21 DUI arrests. During 2015, Post 31 conducted 111 road checks resulting in 327 arrests and 56 DUI’s. They also had 58 dedicated DUI patrols which resulted in 1,937 arrests including 112 DUI’s.

During 2015, Post 31 implemented a new road check tactic that has proven itself, when it comes to removing impaired drivers from the roadway. The post works with a local agency in order to obtain the necessary manpower to conduct a minimum of two separate road checks. Each “team” has a list of pre-approved checkpoints and are able to move when the team leader determines that the current checkpoint is being un-productive. This allows the teams to cover a larger area in order to contact the most amount of drivers. Later, the teams merge and check on a larger roadway. In rural South Georgia, this tactic keeps them one step ahead of the Facebook posts listing their locations!

Locating DUI drivers is a self-motivated activity. When looking at the DUI arrests for the members of Post 31, it is clear that they are motivated. All but one of the road Troopers made 20 or more DUI arrests during 2015. The one left behind only worked about three months in 2015. Six Troopers from Post 31 qualified for a MADD Pin, with one qualifying for a silver pin.

Post 31’s active enforcement of the DUI laws appear to be working. Out of 1705 crashes, 546 resulted in fatality or injuries. However, only 58 of those were alcohol related. The Troopers are working hard and are dedicated to seeing a significant decrease in fatal crashes. They firmly believe that targeting impaired drivers will have a positive impact on reducing fatal and injury crashes.

In addition to enforcement, Post 31 has taken steps to educate the public. Post 31 Troopers routinely visit their local radio stations and give in depth interviews on the perils of drinking and driving. During the Labor Day Holiday, Troopers paired up with a local radio station that provided “drinkers” who consumed alcohol in a controlled environment. The Trooper evaluated them and talked about their diminished cognitive abilities. At the end of the time period, the radio personalities were surprised to learn that they were “over the limit”. They spoke on the air, about how they “felt fine”, but realized now that they were impaired. We received a lot of positive feedback from this, with many people calling in to report that they were surprised about how few drinks it took to affect their motoring skills.

Post 31 also goes into the local schools and talks to our newest drivers about the dangers of driving impaired. While encouraging the students to make the right decisions, they also outline the consequences of the wrong decisions. They are dedicated to starting their new drivers down the right path.

In conclusion, the Troopers at Post 31 are dedicated to the premise that they are the line in the sand. They are the difference between your family making it home safely or not. They work tirelessly and with innovation in order to prevent an impaired driver from wrecking not only their vehicle, but countless lives.

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  1. Earl Durrance says:

    Congratulations Sergeant Roberts and team. Good work!