Several arrested after crowd tries to stop drug arrest at Valdosta housing project

| May 10, 2016

ora lee arrests

(UPDATE) – At approximately 12:30 Tuesday, a seventh person was arrested in connection with this case.


Anthony Eady, 29, of Valdosta, was arrested by the Valdosta Police Department after an arrest warrant was signed Tuesday morning for misdemeanor obstruction, according to reports.

“Eady was identified by officers and by video as one of many individuals who charged at officers during a narcotics investigation,” said Lt. Adam Bembry. “Eady is being held at the Lowndes County Jail. This case is still active, and additional persons involved in the incident once identified, will be charged as well.”

VALDOSTA – Six people were arrested Monday after a crowd attempted to stop officers from making a drug arrest outside a Valdosta housing project.

At approximately 1 p.m., a Valdosta Police Department officer was reportedly observing foot traffic in the Ora Lee West Housing Complex using the department’s city-wide camera system.

“The officer observed a drug transaction and made contact with one subject who was found to be in possession of marijuana,” said VPD Lt. Adam Bembry.

That individual, Willie Roberts, 25, was taken into custody. The officer reportedly began to investigate the vehicle where the transaction originated.

“A police K-9 alerted that illegal narcotics were present in the vehicle, and the officer observed drug paraphernalia in plain view inside the vehicle,” Bembry said. “An unidentified African American female then approached the officer claiming ownership of the vehicle, stating to the officer that he was not allowed to go into her vehicle. When the officer attempted to explain what he discovered to the female, she grabbed the door to the vehicle and began to attempt to close it.”

According to police reports, a man later identified as DeAnthony Motes, 27, then ran toward the officer and entered the vehicle on the opposite side.

The officer and his back up unit began giving verbal commands for Motes to stop and not to enter the vehicle. Motes ignored the commands and grabbed a large sized bag of marijuana out of the vehicle and threw it under the vehicle, out of the reach of officers,” Bembry said. “Another unknown person grabbed the marijuana and fled the scene. While officers began taking Motes into custody, Motes became physically combative and resisted arrest.”

A crowd of between 15 to 20 people then surrounded the two officers in an attempt to interfere with the arrest of Motes. Approximately eight to 10 individuals then began attempting to assist Motes by trying to push one of the car doors shut to prevent the officers from taking Motes into custody, Bembry said.

“Multiple verbal commands were given by the officers to the crowd to get back away from them and additional officers responded,” Bembry said. “An additional four subjects were taken into custody for obstruction of officers and the investigation is still active as the department is attempting to identify the remaining individuals who obstructed officers.”

The following subjects were arrested for the charges listed and were transported to the Lowndes County Jail:

  • DeAnthony Motes, 27: Possession of Marijuana w/Intent to Distribute (FELONY), Possession of Tools for the Commission of Crime (FELONY), Possession of Marijuana w/Intent to Distribute within 1000 feet of a Housing Project (FELONY, Tampering with Evidence (FELONY), Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)
  • Willie Roberts, 25: Possession of Marijuana (Misdemeanor)
  • Devon Adams, 22: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)
  • Porsche Scott, 27: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)
  • Michael Green, 26: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)
  • Kenyatta Johnson, 24: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)

Bembry said the entire incident was recorded on video, including the officers’ body-worn cameras.

A YouTube video recorded by a bystander captured one of the obstruction arrests and has been circulating social media sites since yesterday afternoon.

While he declined to comment on the social media video, VPD Chief Brian Childress said police video footage showing the full incident will be made available during a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

“The police department has received numerous complaints over the past several months of illegal drug sales in the area of Troup Street and East Jane Street. This incident confirms information which the department received. We will not tolerate this nonsense going on in our city and everyone who interfered with the officers will be arrested,” said Childress.

Valdosta Today will update this story with additional information as it becomes available.

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  1. concerendcitizen says:

    Great job! Now lets get these thugs off of our streets.

    • Fedupcitizen says:

      Why are they thugs,huummmm let me guess because there black in a housing project…Smh

      • 2D says:

        But we’re any of them white in a small gated community. So then it’s true.

      • valdosta resident says:

        See how u stereotype people!!! Concernedcitizen smh

      • commonsense says:

        Clearly these drug dealers and their friends are upstanding citizens.

      • Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

        If the stolen Jordan’s fit…

      • Erma says:

        You’re an idiot.

      • Concerned citizen says:

        Ain’t got nothing to do with color there character says it all , not good thugs stopping police from doing there jobs , hope they get every drufy dealer off the street and cancel any government benefits they receive , get a real job stop selling dope and robbing people to come up ,earn a living legally or sit in jail

    • ThankyouGOD says:

      Now come to Hudson Docket and clear them out

  2. Steve says:

    All of these people are in their mid-late 20’s and not at work at 1pm on monday afternoon? We have a huge cultural problem here in Valdosta and the rest of the country. It’s definitely time to take another look at Federal/State drug laws. We need to make cultural in-roads instead of segregating grown adults into housing projects.

    Here’s one solution to the problem; everyone that can’t stomach a Hilary or Trump take a look at Austin Petersen (Libertarian Candidate) for President. He is more conservative than the majority of those in the Republican Party. He is the clear Cruz alternative.

  3. Yay Valdosta says:

    Surveillance system being put to good use for busting people with weed! (insert sarcasm)

    Surely we can find better use of tax dollars. Oh wait, the war on drugs continues to line their pockets.

    • Supportive of law enforcement says:

      @the free housing project . get a job, buy a house and then smoke ur weed . This is why I struggle to pay for my mortgage , medical insurance (I don’t qualify for Medicaid , peachcare or Obomacare), groceries (don’t qualify for food stamps) so no crack legs on Fridays oops meant crab legs…. And the list goes on but most of y’all wouldn’t understand if u live at Hudson docket , or hang out at Hudson docket around 1pm when we are working our butts off.

      • OHPLEASE says:

        ok so where do you work where you cant qualify for Obamacare anyone with a job can qualify if your employer doesn’t offer insurance and if you are working for such a good company why don’t they offer coverage stop pretending you are probably a poor bitter person who blames minorities for your life being miserable

    • Black Jack says:

      I see we had no problems with these cameras and they were outside but what happened to the cameras when they killed KJ. The Chief know cause he helped them

  4. valdosta resident says:

    I don’t see how she is being charged with obstruction!! She didn’t resist, curse, or obstruct justice during the incident VPD is wrong and will arrest you for anything!!!

    • Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

      I am sure she was an innocent bystander….oh wait….

    • Lowndesgrl123 says:

      She was tampering with the crime scene by trying to close the door and get him away. That is obstruction

    • ThankyouGOD says:

      When she open her mouth.. That alone was obstruction.. Talking about no one going to search her car..pls they had probable cause when they saw that crap in her car..they got every right to charge her.. And I pray they get the rest of those characters

  5. Taz says:

    If this MF wasn’t so prejudice some of these young adults would have jobs round this racist town they call a city!!

  6. Angel Crumitie says:

    From the video she cooperated like she was suppose to,but when she stated she wanted to press charges she was under arrest, it’s a shame we ain’t even safe in our own town, need to solve some of these murders and cover-ups!!

  7. Kayla says:

    Crazy nobody is trying to help minorities. .. All u got is bad to say … Why all white behinds ever bothered us .. Took our culture and everything . everyone is always saying we dont have culture it was stripped from us. We were killed for it … Maybe God will change hearts or to death be you ..

  8. Kat says:

    I am a gainfully employed member of society and I’m regularly at home on weekday afternoons.

    I’m more interested in a police department that has managed to make so many citizens feel antagonistic towards them. Officers are supposed to be professional civil servants. Part of their job should be to forge strong positive bonds within their community. It looks like VPD continues to drop the ball in that regard. Maybe slip in a few behavior management or crowd management classes between afternoon sessions at the gun range?

    • Mike Rotch says:

      So it is the officer’s fault they come in contact with criminals everyday. They need behavior management classes? What about the criminals smoking weed and selling drugs? Last time I checked its illegal. What do you recommend to those criminals? Who do you blame when you drive 15 mph over the speed limit? The officer who pulls you over? No, hold yourself accountable. Grow up and accept responsibility for your actions. If you don’t want to get arrested, either stop committing your illegal actions or don’t get caught.

  9. Dallas says:

    Just as an aside….all of this crap…ongoing crime, gangs, drug operations in Valdosta are just some of the reasons all the efforts to “revitalize” downtown Valdosta have never worked and will never work. I don’t think too many folks of any race or socio-economic status feel safe walking through downtown after dark. I know I wouldn’t…..I’m just sayin’….and please let us not pretend we don’t have serious issues whether that includes suspects or how police respond to situations…and that all comes down an absence of leadership whether you are talking about law enforcement or those who constantly put themselves forward as community or religious leaders and don’t do a damn thing to help. Every group in town with some grievance seems always to come up with some way of always making their behavior excusable while blaming their situation on someone else’s actions from last week or three centuries ago. Just gets old to hear the same old crap all the time….that is one reason none of this will change…..ever….until individuals decide to take responsibility for their own actions….and so far that is not going all that well at any level.

    • ThankyouGOD says:

      Well said.. Take responsibility for your own actions… Enough said

    • StepAsideDallas says:

      Someone made me aware of your comments and asked me to read them. I now know why they did. It’s because I would feel the need to respond. Something I have never done in anonymity. So while my friend is correct that I do have a response to your comments, I’ll be signing my name at the end.

      Why in the world do you feel the need to associate the revitalization of Downtown, Valdosta with “all this crap, ongoing crime, gangs and drug operations”? Your assessment that revitalization efforts “have never worked and will never work” are misinformed at best. But of course you have the right to your view, and I respect your right to your view, and I support your right to your view. But since you brought it up, I’m curious…what is your solution? Abandon Downtown, Valdosta? Do you imagine that not revitalizing Downtown is somehow a solution to crime? If yes, let’s say we abandon revitalization efforts and move out. Do you imagine an invisible line that keeps crime from moving right on up the road? Do you perceive that crime only occurs in the area surrounding Downtown? I’m asking because you connected this incident of crime to the revitalization of Downtown as if they go hand in hand.

      Abandoned areas in Anywhere, USA don’t just end if left alone. The abandonment grows larger and just keeps spreading if people keep moving to get away from the abandonment. Not as an aside but as an experienced reality, I feel safer walking through Downtown Valdosta after dark than I do in many other areas of our community. A week ago, I personally reached out to the VPD requesting occasional patrolling on the waaaay opposite side of Downtown because there was a man making women feel unsafe while they walked. And not after dark, rather in the bright new mornings.

      You are proclaiming that Downtown revitalization will fail because of crime – the same crimes that happen everywhere, every day, perpetrated by varying members of society.

      Of course, we (our entire community) have issues like everywhere else in the world has issues, and I absolutely agree that everyone should take responsibility for their own actions.

      But again, while respecting your right to your view, and understanding that a Downtown lifestyle isn’t for everyone, I take issue and totally disagree with your view, comments, and your illogical connection between the revitalization of Downtown with Crime. As well as, your view that revitalization efforts “have never worked and will never work”. Perhaps you’ve never heard it said, or you haven’t realized that “only light can pierce through darkness.”

      Turning the lights back ON in Downtown has worked, is working, and will work. And our community is the better for it.

      Deidra A. White

  10. Law abiding citizen says:

    The police are sworn to uphold the law. If you don’t like the laws they are charged with enforcing, take that up with your representatives! To say “they ain’t got nothing better to do” shows your ignorance. Drugs in minority neighborhoods promote crime/gangs/shootings/theft….but fuss and complain about the cops actually trying to rid your hood of the root of the problems there, obstruct them from attempting to police your hood and trying to keep your children safe!!! idiots.
    The cops should STOP patrolling your hoods at all. Leave you all to your own devices for a few months and see how you like it. My bet is you’d be BEGGING them to come back!

  11. An Observer says:

    Kendrick Johnson’s sister, Kenyatta, bears a remarkable resemblance to her father. She has recovered sufficiently from a 2015 gun shot wound to obstruct an officer. An intervention is needed.

    • Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

      You’re right. The Thugs, thuggetes, meth heads and the rest need to start obeying the law and stop wasting our tax dollars.

      • An Observer says:

        Your extrapolation on my comment wasn’t quite what I meant. This family doesn’t need to lose another member and it appears Kenyatta is on a destructive path.

  12. BlackLivesMatter says:

    Marijuanna Is Not The Real Dangerous Drugs Go In The White Area Where You Find Herion.
    Valdosta Georgia Got Some Serious Racist Issues..
    Stay Out Of Valdosta Because White Supremacist Is Well Alive In Valdosta.

  13. Bart says:

    Just curious, how much grass was all this over?

    Also, where can I find a map of where all of these city street surveillance cameras are located? Surely they are protecting all neighborhoods from small amounts of pot, right?

  14. I agree with “Law Abiding Citizen”, maybe the police should stop patrolling/answering calls, in these thug infested neighborhoods for about 6 months, or so, and just let lawlessness prevail. The “good folks” therein, would then be asking city officials, “why is there no policing of our neighborhoods?” The reality is, nobody would want to live in a neighborhood without law. Nobody could. Clearly, there were felonies being committed. What should the police have done? Looked the other way? They did exactly what they are being paid to do.

  15. dmc says:

    Marijuana should not be illegal in the first place. They are not drug dealers. They are herb dealers. Where do u think all phameceuticals come from? “Herbs!!” Marijuana is illegal because its health benefits will put big pharma outta business. They cant have that. Do research on canabis oils and how it helps and in alot of cases cures cancer. Wake up sheeple.

  16. I honestly see that the bible is fulfilling itself we are in our last days!TBH its not going to get better its going to get worst! We are living in the last days! Yes I agree there are a lot of racism going on in Valdosta Ga a lot of crookedness in our judge seats police staff city of Valdosta school system plain Valdosta citizens! Yes I’m black I love white people but I promise right is right and wrong is wrong! If we as Black people can stick together promote each other business and stop being against each other its gonna remain the same! We give all the crooked ones in Valdosta a easy job to discriminate judge us mistreat us and kill us! But what I do know there is a God and ALL will be JUDGE see they having they HEAVEN now but o my when my God comes back to Judge they will pay all the unjust!!! Prayer is the key build an relationship with God and pray I mean pray without stopping daily My God will show UP and show out!!!!! Amen

  17. Boo-hoo took your culture says:

    If Valdosta is so racist and so bad for your people…..or America in general then move nobody is making you stay here or there your choice to not work and be a regular member of society cause of your laziness and thought process of you and “your people” are owed something cause of things that happened over 100 years ago that nobody alive can control hold “your people” back. Quit holding grudges for things you never experienced or thinking you are owed something an do like everybody else get off your sorry butt an go get it. Sorry truth hurts but just so ya know that’s not racist that’s to all colors it’s sickening everyone feels entitled to something while the rest of us suffer an go work 12 hours a day so you can sit home and still complain about how bad life is. Smh give it up and look in the mirror you’re the problem.

    • Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

      Exactly. People don’t realize that there are planes, trains and automobiles leaving 24/7.

  18. donhill3rd says:

    How is pot a narcotic?

    • Steve says:

      By definition a narcotic is a substance that affects your mood or behavior.

    • Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

      a drug or other substance affecting mood or behavior and sold for nonmedical purposes, especially an illegal one.

  19. No sympathy says:

    Years ago I drank a lot. Got stopped by the police and went to jail a few times. Oh my gosh those evil policemen were always picking on me all the time. I’m not hurting anyone I thought. When I quit drinking and driving I quit getting stopped for DUI and other offenses. Kinda funny when you don’t break the law you don’t get arrested. Plain and simple. All of you transporting, using and selling drugs it don’t matter your color if you’re breaking the law. Suck it up and suffer the consequences of your actions and stop playing the victim. You made your bed now lie in it.

    • An Observer says:

      Congratulations on your sobriety! Even in states where marijuana is legalized, the amount an individual can lawfully possess is much smaller than the amount in a “large bag” (in this case) and individual trafficking is still illegal. I’m not one to wig out about weed, but it does sap motivation and that alone is reason enough to abstain. I wish everyone involved in this peace and prosperity. As you said, deal with the consequences, then move on.