OPINION: Trade deal would fuel good-paying Ga. jobs

| May 12, 2016


With strong southern roots and a passion for all things homegrown, Georgia is poised to grow economic opportunities that would benefit generations to come. Add in a love for Vidalia onions, BBQ and a little bit of college football and you have an idea of the uniqueness that Georgia’s businesses can bring to a world market, especially for our farmers.

Recently, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has garnered much attention, and rightfully so. Presidential candidates, lawmakers, economists, and the who’s who of Washington are weighing in on this trade agreement that still lingers during the last year of President Obama’s administration. It’s easy to understand how the many benefits of the TPP are getting lost in all this noise, but it remains clear that the TPP will bring a world of opportunities to American entrepreneurs, particularly in our home state.

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2 Comments on "OPINION: Trade deal would fuel good-paying Ga. jobs"

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  1. trumpsthefool says:

    Trump is against TPP

  2. Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

    Yea it’s a total crap show that protects big legacy businesses, foreign powers, and craps on normal people.