OPINION: My uncle leveled Hiroshima. We’re not sorry.

| May 24, 2016


As President Obama prepares for his visit to Hiroshima May 27, I recall my uncle’s personal reflections. As the bombardier, peering through his Norden bombsight, he was the last man to see Hiroshima in any detail before it was leveled, making his perspectives on the event somewhat unique.

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5 Comments on "OPINION: My uncle leveled Hiroshima. We’re not sorry."

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  1. WHAT says:

    Did anyone say the bomb should not have ben dropped I never heard Obama or anyone else say sorry for this

  2. Robert says:

    I really am both confused and shocked at the reason behind this “opinion” article. To post something that says we’re not sorry for dropping not 1, but 2 atomic bombs on innocent people. I say innocent because there were non-combatants that were killed in both of these drops. We should be very sorry at what we did. I find it funny that we, as a nation, are keeping other countries from building nuclear bombs, when we are the only country to ever use one against another country. Who is policing us? Who out there are asking for inspectors to come in and make sure we aren’t doing anything we’re not supposed to? We have nuclear missiles all over America and we have shown that we are not afraid to use them from past actions? I can fully understand why other countries want to build them. No other country has launched a nuclear missile at another country that I know of. Going back though, I feel that we were wrong in dropping both these bombs. It seemed as though, looking back that this was an easy decision to make at the time. We, as humans, have within our nature to destroy things and this is just one example of that. We don’t care if we take innocent lives with the destruction or not. Buy hey, we haven’t used one since so I guess that makes it ok?

    • Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

      You know nothing Jon Snow…err. Robert. Go crack a history book.

  3. Hello Copernicus says:

    Basic history from 4th grade tells us the atomic bomb was used in 1945 to save the estimated 1 million US lives that would have been lost with an invasion of Japan.

    Amazing how clueless left-wingers are to this simple fact.