Lowndes Primary Election Results

| May 24, 2016


May 2016 Primary Election Results
Lowndes County Board of Elections

Race Candidate Votes
U.S. Senator Mary Kay Bacallo (R) 384
Derrick Grayson (R) 324
Johnny Isakson (R) 2240
Jim Barksdale (D) 580
Cheryl Copeland (D) 1996
John F. Coyne III (D) 141
U.S. Representative District 1 Earl “Buddy” Carter (R) 74
U.S. Representative District 8 Angela Hicks (R) 674
Austin Scott (R) 2206
James Neal Harris (D) 2367
State Senator District 8 Ellis Black (R) 2598
Gregory Williams (D) 2428
State Representative District 177 Deidra A. White (R) 567
Adrian Rivers (D) 512
Dexter Sharper (D) 1424
Clerk of Superior Court Beth Copeland Greene (R) 2498
Sheriff Chris Prine (R) 2455
Ashley Paulk (D) 2347
Calvin Troy (D) 1146
Tax Commissioner Rodney Cain (R) 2345
Felicia F Williams (D) 2971
Tax Assessor Post 1 W.G. Walker (D) 2490
Tax Assessor Post 2 Mike Hill (D) 2482
Tax Assessor Post 3 Leroy Butler Jr. (D) 2759
Coroner Austin Fiveash (R) 1544
Terry Hawke (R) 1169
Brad Carter (D) 1317
John Gates (D) 599
John Hogan (D) 1173
Solicitor General Justin Cabral (R) 2487
Jason Cain (NP) 2532
County Commission Chairman Bill Slaughter (R) 2525
County Commissioner District 1 Jerrell Anderson (D) 299
Joyce Evans (D) 1262
County Commissioner District 5 Clay Griner (R) 1981
Teresa K Moffitt (D) 1049
State Court Judge John Kent Edwards Jr. (NP) 5365
Ellen Golden (NP) 5257
Judge of Probate Court Detria Carter Powell (NP) 3352
Burke Sherwood (NP) 2961
Chief Magistrate Judge Joni Parker (NP) 5365
Board of Education District 4 Ronnie Weeks (NP) 362
Board of Education District 5 David Clark (NP) 303
Board of Education District 6* Glenn Gregory (NP) 235
Philip Poole (NP) 215
Board of Education District 7* Fred Davis (NP) 274
G. Edward (Eddie) Smith (NP) 281

*The races for the Board of Education seats for Districts 6 and 7 have been determined too close to call. Official results will not be determined until military and provisional ballots have been tallied.

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6 Comments on "Lowndes Primary Election Results"

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  1. WHAT says:

    Cant wait to vote against Dexter Sharper in November

    • Karen says:

      Dexter has represented his district very well. He is visible in his district, his votes have been right, his decision making abilities are impeccable, and he is fair. What more can you ask? I guess you want a representative that disappears after elected and never do anything they promised during the campaign. You will not find that in him. He serves the people. Nobody get everything right. If you have an issue with him he will gladly discuss it with you. That is the man and candidate he is.

  2. WHAT says:

    He’s your man maybe but in November his chickens will come home to roost so I hope you have won you $10 because all of the Trump voters will be out in November not a Dem in Lowndes county will win accept for Ashley Paulk

  3. Karen says:

    Oh really. What is it you want him to do? So your only reason you do not want him is he is Democrat. Your anger is very palpable. Sounds personal to me. Trump who? The man who is going to make America great again? The one who is going to build a wall. He doesn’t have a plan nor has he told you how he’s going to do it. He is saying what is coming to his mind. A loud mouth bully. He will not be able to implement none of the slogans he has espoused out of his mouth.
    There will be as many voters out to make sure he is not the President,Republicans,Democrats and Independents.