In Other News: A Woman Is Busted With 116 Pounds of Weed . . . Because Her Kids Weren’t Wearing Seatbelts

| May 31, 2016

Karla Munoz 23

A 23-year-old woman named Karla Munoz from Arizona got pulled over in Memphis, Tennessee last week because a trooper noticed that her five-year-old and seven-year-old kids weren’t wearing seatbelts.

She said she was driving them to a wedding, which isn’t really an excuse for the seatbelt thing, but whatever. Anyway, the trooper got suspicious and asked if he could search the car, and she said yes.

And . . . the cops found 116 POUNDS of marijuana hidden under the floorboards. The compartments were covered with lead so that X-ray machines wouldn’t spot the weed when she crossed the border from Mexico.

Karla was arrested for felony drug possession . . . but as far as we know, she didn’t get a ticket for her kids not wearing seatbelts.

(NBC 3 – Chattanooga

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