Brooks County High School to drop block scheduling in the fall

| May 24, 2016


QUITMAN- Brooks County High School (BCHS) will be changing its scheduling to seven periods beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.

The school was under a block schedule for students.  There are many benefits for students at BCHS with the scheduling changes.  Under the seven period schedule, students will have an increased instructional time.  Currently students receive 75 days of instruction that equals 90 minutes per day and that turns out to be 6,750 minutes per class.

The new schedule will change that to 163 days of instruction for 55 minutes per day and that will equal to 8,965 minutes per class.  The new schedule will further increase opportunities to put in place Formative Instructional Practices which will determine content proficiency and mastery.

Students will have higher chances to increase their student achievements, on-task behaviors, increase daily attendance and increase opportunities to learn and mentor others.

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