OPINION: Trump’s unreal foreign policy

| April 28, 2016
photo by Steven Heddon

photo by Steven Heddon

In a much-awaited foreign policy speech delivered Wednesday in Washington, presidential candidate Donald Trump outlined an incoherent approach to addressing global issues.

Inexplicably, Trump declared that “America First” would be the overarching theme of his administration. A non-interventionist approach might have its merits in certain situations. But the America First movement got its name espousing an isolationist approach at exactly the wrong moment, urging the United States to stay out of World War II as Adolf Hitler was rampaging through Europe.

In Trump’s worldview, things happen because he says they will. He made a number of proclamations to this effect. His unspecified plan to defeat the Islamic State terrorist group echoed Richard Nixon’s secret plan in 1968 to win the Vietnam War. ISIL “will be gone if I’m elected president,” Trump vowed, ” And they’ll be gone quickly. They will be gone very, very quickly.”

Things might happen that way on TV. But not in reality. Or perhaps we should say real reality.

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  1. TRUTHBETOLD says:

    It’s these type of speeches that makes people think he is a plant from the Clinton’s