In Other News: Instead of Bonuses, a Guy Gave All His Employees Meth

| April 22, 2016

jesse seifert

A 40-year-old guy named Jesse Seifert owns an auto body shop in Mankato, Minnesota.  (About 80 miles southwest of Minneapolis.)

And he wanted to reward his employees.  But instead of a cash bonus, he brought them in for a meeting on Wednesday . . . and gave them all some METH.

He had his girlfriend hand it out, and each person got about half-a-gram.  Apparently that’s like 30 or 40 bucks worth.

But at least one of his employees isn’t a meth-head, because someone called the cops.  Then they raided the place and found a bunch of drug paraphernalia, including a digital scale and used syringes.

So he’s in jail, but it’s not clear what he’s being charged with yet.  And his girlfriend might end up facing charges too.

(The Smoking Gun / Mankato Times)

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