In Other News: Celebrities Post Prince Tributes

| April 22, 2016

Within hours of PRINCE’s death, every celebrity in the world had dropped everything to issue tributes on social media.  That is, everyone except Kim Kardashian.  As of last night, she hadn’t commented.

Perhaps she’s still a little upset from the time five years ago when Prince asked her to get OFF the stage because she wouldn’t dance.  (Here’s video.)

Back to the tributes.  Here are some highlights:

Justin Timberlake posted a long tribute that included:  “They say don’t meet your idols . . . that they let you down.

“But, some of my greatest, funniest (yes, he was hilarious), and most prolific encounters and conversations about music came from the moments that I spent with him.  It would be silly to say that he has inspired our music . . . it’s beyond that.  He’s somewhere within every song I’ve ever written.”

Madonna:  “He changed the world!!  A true visionary.  What a loss.  I’m Devastated.  This is not a love song.”

Samuel L. Jackson:  “I’m crushed!!  U.K. news reporting Prince is dead?!  For real?!  Massive loss for us all!  What a genius!  Speechless.”

Mario Lopez:  “Saw Prince in concert more than any other artist.  Soundtrack to my generation.  ‘When Doves Cry’ was on every mixtape I ever made.  #Icon.”

Britney Spears:  “Here’s to one of the strongest spirits the world has ever known.”

Brian Wilson:  “I’m shocked to hear that Prince passed at such a young age.  Musically, he could do it all:  Sing, play, arrange and produce.”

Lenny Kravitz:  “My musical brother, my friend.  The one who showed me the possibilities within myself, changed everything, and kept his integrity until the end, is gone.  I am heartbroken.”

Mick Jagger:  “Prince was a revolutionary artist, a wonderful musician and composer.  He was an original lyricist and a startling guitar player.  His talent was limitless.  He was one of the most unique and exciting artists of the last 30 years.”

Sheena Easton:  “It is impossible to imagine him not being here.  The world of music was forever changed the day he picked up his guitar.  His talent was breathtaking, his heart was kind, and all of us have been blessed to have had a glimpse into this sweet and magical soul.”

Patti LaBelle:  “His talent, artistry and influence are unparalleled and there will never be another like Prince!  The world has suffered a great loss!”

President Obama:  “The world lost a creative icon . . . Few artists have influenced the sound and trajectory of popular music more distinctly, or touched quite so many people with their talent . . . he was a virtuoso instrumentalist, a brilliant bandleader, and an electrifying performer.”

In a long tribute, Frank Ocean said, quote, “[Prince] made me feel more comfortable with how I identify sexually, simply by his display of freedom from, and irreverence for, obviously archaic ideas like gender conformity, etc.”

Elton John:  “The greatest performer I have ever seen.  A true genius.”

Sheila E. flew to Minnesota yesterday to figure out what happened.

(TMZ has paparazzi video.  You gotta feel for her, who wants to have a camera in their face at a time like that?)

The “Today” show posted video of the time Prince surprised Bryant Gumbel by showing up on his last day in 1997.

Spike Lee held a block party in New York to pay tribute to Prince.  (Here’s video.)

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor performed a solo cover of “Purple Rain” in Minneapolis.

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