In Other News: A Man Flew From Florida to Connecticut to Turn Himself in For Stealing a TV in 1989

| April 13, 2016

Randy Iannacone

There’s a guy who lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida named Randy Iannacone. He’s totally normal, 60 years old, and isn’t a criminal. But he got a letter last month about a warrant for his ARREST.

Back in 1989, when he was 33, Randy was working as a janitor at a Jewish community center in Norwalk, Connecticut. And he stole a TV. Apparently he gave it to a guy to cover a debt.

The Norwalk police found the TV that year, and the guy said he’d gotten it from Randy. So they issued a warrant for his arrest . . . but he disappeared.

Now, fast forward 27 years. It’s not clear if the warrant was automatically generated by the Norwalk police, or if someone bothered to hunt down Randy’s new address. But it went out.

And somehow, over the past 27 years, Randy turned SUPER honest . . . possibly TOO honest. His brand new conscience took over, and he booked himself a flight to Connecticut . . . got there on Sunday . . . went to the police . . . and turned himself IN.

He was charged with third degree larceny. The statute of limitations hadn’t run out because the clock stops on that in Connecticut when someone leaves the state.

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