In Other News: A Homeless Couple Got a Dream Wedding After 22 Years Together

| April 6, 2016

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Some people can’t stay together under PERFECT conditions, so this is pretty impressive . . .

There’s a 55-year-old man and woman in Florida named Rocky Barlett and Evelyn Adams, who’ve been together 22 years. And they’ve spent six of those years HOMELESS.

For the past three years, they’ve been living in a tent in the woods near Tampa. And they’ve wanted to get married for a while, but couldn’t afford a marriage license.

Then late last year, the “The Tampa Tribune” did a story on them. And after that, a bunch of wedding vendors donated their services to give them a dream wedding that would have cost 20 GRAND.

They got married this past Friday at a venue called Cross Creek Ranch. And everything was free, from the dress to all the flowers.

Evelyn says the two of them managed to stay together all this time because they’re a unit, and they support each other no matter what.

And this might be the best part of the story. They also just found out they were approved for subsidized HOUSING. And the day before the wedding, they got the keys to their new apartment.

(WFLA / TBO / People)

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