In Other News: A Guy Was Just Busted For Doing 171 Miles-Per-Hour

| April 14, 2016


A guy was busted in Two Harbors, Minnesota on Friday for speeding down a highway in his 2016 Chevy Camaro . . . and he was doing 171 miles-an-hour.

A cop also clocked him at 168 and 143 miles-an-hour . . . and the cop had to get HIS car up to 135 just to get close enough for the guy to see his flashing lights and pull over.

The cop says it looked like, quote, “a rocket on wheels.”

The guy got a ticket for careless driving, but he could be in more trouble once he’s in court.

In Minnesota, you can have your license revoked for doing 100 miles-an-hour . . . and this guy went 71% over that.

(NBC 11 – Minneapolis)

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