In Other News: A Guy Climbs a Mountain to Propose . . . But Gets Stuck, Rescued, and Arrested

| April 11, 2016

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27-year-old Michael Banks of Fresno, California climbed a 581-foot mountain on Thursday morning. His plan was to FaceTime with his girlfriend from the spectacular view up there, and propose to her. Way to make it ALL about yourself, guy.

Anyway, she said yes, and he started heading down the mountain . . . but got stuck hanging off a CLIFF.

Luckily someone heard him yelling for help, called 911, and the California Highway Patrol sent a helicopter out to rescue him.

Well, it turns out it’s ILLEGAL to climb that mountain because it’s too dangerous. So he was ARRESTED for trespassing. Oh, plus he had some METH on him, so he was charged with possession too.

He’ll also be on the hook for the cost of the helicopter rescue, which could run him several thousand dollars.

(Huffington Post)

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