Harley Langdale Foundation takes J.L. Lomax students shoe shopping

| April 6, 2016


VALDOSTA – J.L. Lomax Elementary School students with perfect attendance picked out new shoes Tuesday morning at Academy Sports in Valdosta.

“We had 121 students participate this year, which is one of the largest groups we’ve ever had,” said Jennifer Steedley, Director of Public Relations, Valdost City Schools.

The shopping trip was thanks to a program started three years ago by the Harley Langdale Foundation.

“The goal is for the children to understand the true value of recieving a great education and to reward those who are trying to do that,” Steedley said. “There are not enough ‘thank you’s’ in the world to say to the Langdale Foundation for what they do for these kids. They were beside themselves with excitement.”

Students from Pre-K to 5th grade were allowed to spend up to $75 on a new pair of shoes. The Harley Langdale Foundation also frequently pays student expenses for school field trips and other programs, Steedley said.


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