Eyewitnesses lead to burglary arrests

| April 4, 2016

johnson and wetherington

BERRIEN CO. – Some eyewitness and four law enforcement agencies helped solve a Berrien County burglary in a matter hours.

Dee Anna Faulkner came home to almost $2,000 in missing items. An eyewitness gave police the description of a suspicious vehicle, a response vehicle was sent out to investigate.

Another law enforcement agency pulled over a vehicle matching the description, however it wasn’t the suspects. That driver then saw a vehicle that matched his and called another law enforcement agency.

After law enforcement was contacted, the two suspects were found in Adel.

Nancy Johnson, 35, and Terry Wetherington, 34, were both charged with burglary and felony theft.

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  1. CHUCK ROBERTS says:

    Typical Trump supporters making “America great again” “Taking our country back”

    • Bob says:

      Look more like Bernie supporters to me (like you could tell from this)… get a life!!!

      • CHUCK ROBERTS says:

        Hey Bob I went to the rally at VSU and believe me these are definitely Trump people