Eric Sheppard addresses VSU students during video conference (VIDEO)

| April 7, 2016

Eric Sheppard speaks at VSU tonight.

Facebook Video Posted by Kameron J Copeland on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

(UPDATE 12:00 p.m. – The Facebook user who posted the video has made it private, and it can no longer be viewed.)

VALDOSTA – A former Valdosta State University student who sparked a national media firestorm when he was seen walking on an American flag during campus protests almost one year ago addressed several current VSU students during a video conference call this week.

A video posted to Facebook shows Eric Sheppard speaking to a small group of students gathered on campus. The apparent focus of the event was to discuss Sheppard’s philosophical approach to social activism, including what he described as the “main threat to white society.”

“The main threat white society is consumed with, overly consumed with, is, essentially, the black man’s penis, or, like I said–like I said to y’all earlier, testicular fortitude–for black men to actually act as men and not want to be the white man’s (inaudible),” Sheppard said.

“The main thing prohibiting the progress of all society, humans and non-humans, is our lacking of bare necessities of life. People are worried about paying their mortgage for a house. Birds don’t pay mortgages. Lions don’t pay mortgages. Giraffes don’t pay mortgages. But humans and non-humans pay mortgages,” Sheppard said. “We are worried about paying utilities and water bills–for food and things like that. This is called slavery. It’s called–you are basically a zombie because you are working for the bare minimal. You are working to get nowhere, essentially.”

Sheppard was arrested last year after eluding law enforcement for a month after he was charged with leaving a firearm inside a backpack after a campus protest at VSU.

“The formal charge is a gun charge, but we know for damn sure it’s not about no motherf****** gun,” Sheppard said during the video conference.

Sheppard was part of a group which held several protests in which an American flag was placed on the ground and repeatedly walked on. The protests gained national attention after Air Force Veteran and former Playboy model Michelle Manhart was briefly detained but not arrested by campus police for taking the protesters’ flag during a demonstration.

Sheppard has yet to stand trail on the campus gun charge, but bond conditions prohibit him from using social media in any form, either directly or indirectly, including Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Any violation of those conditions may result in Sheppard’s incarceration in the Lowndes County Jail until his trial date, according to court documents.

(UPDATE 4/8/15 – District Attorney’s office says Sheppard violated the “spirit” of his bond agreement but not the conditions. Read the story here.)

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24 Comments on "Eric Sheppard addresses VSU students during video conference (VIDEO)"

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  1. CHUCK D says:

    It’s hard to believe he was a college student how did he even make it out of middle grades? “non humans pay mortgages”
    Please don’t give this clown anymore free press!

    • Etic says:

      It’s hard to believe? ?? Well he has 2 not 1 but 2 degrees as well!! Meditate on the very smart out spoken African man!! You hate that huh!! Lol

      • Steve says:

        There is nothing smart about this boy. Believe me when I tell you that ANYONE can get a degree these days. This kid follows the Nation of Islam cult and should be mocked accordingly. Although, what do I know? I am one of these “White Devils” that was created by an evil wizard (look it up).

      • Mrs. Martinez says:

        I doubt either of you could locate Africa on a map.

  2. lchb says:

    Mark Twain said it best, ‘It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt’.

    Sit down Mr. Sheppard, your ignorance and IQ are showing.

  3. Etic says:

    2 degrees he not to dumb! !

    • Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

      You can get degrees online. Heck, I know several people who got degrees from VSEww and Valtech/Wiregrass who are dumb as a box of rocks. Two degrees only shows he’s one of those “forever students” who stays in school as long as he can because he knows he won’t make it in the real world.

      • Bart says:

        I’m not an Eric Sheppard supporter by any means, but there’s no need to knock higher education here. Any education is good, especially in a country where Donald Trump has a decent chance of becoming President.

        I worked hard for my degree. I know many others who have too. Why don’t you insult the man because of his radical agenda or crazy ideas instead of dissing every person who has worked hard to attain a higher level of knowledge?

        • Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

          I just call ’em like I see ’em. Just because someone goes to college and gets a piece of paper doesn’t make them smart.

    • Robert says:

      Having 2 degrees doesn’t make you smart. He is ignorant, which is different than being dumb. I have 5 degrees, I don’t consider myself smart, but I do consider myself educated. Eric is educated, but not smart. It takes an ignorant person to put someone down by saying that white people are afraid due to the balck man’s penis…meaning power or whatever. Really? That’s pure ignorance.

    • CHUCK D says:

      Too meaning also smart person
      Here is an example you should go to school so you wont seem stupid too.

  4. roy says:

    Notice they removed the author of the article, wonder why…VSU faculty members son…maybe

  5. Open activist says:

    Although other approaches could have been used in his protest, he had very valid claims and points that can be backed by historic research. As far as his education, not only did he have 2 degrees, he was in the top 5% academically. That means from and educational or IQ stance….he is actually smarter than 95% of the 12,000 students that attend the school.

  6. Matt says:

    There is a special place in prison for this young man. He won’t have to worry about a mortgage or any other bills not that he does now cause mommy and daddy pay for everything and what they don’t pay for uncle Sam picks up the cheque.

  7. Sal Monroe says:

    I’m amazed how much fear Eric Sheppard invokes in people around here.

    All he did was step on the flag. BIG DEAL! That’s his problem.

    People have been doing it since the 13 colony days and America has done ok so far.

    Just ignore him and worry about important things for a change.

    • An Observer says:

      Many people erroneously say Sheppard was charged for walking on the American flag. He was charged for having a firearm on campus.

      • Yeah Butt... says:

        …people didn’t freak out and hold this huge rally that held up traffic and the sorts over the gun charge. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        ty. tyvm.

      • TYSONMIKE says:

        Ga lawmakers say its okay to carry firearms on campus now

        • Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

          If it’s a legal firearm and you have a Georgia Weapons license AND follow all the laws on the books…which this Dbag didn’t.

          • Robert says:

            It does not matter if GA lawmakers say its ok. He did it at a time when it was not on by GA lawmakers. And i havent kept up with the bill, but last i knew, the governor had not signed it, so its still illegal to carry a gyn on any college campus in GA. But like i said, i have not kept up so he may have signed it.