DA Office: Sheppard video violates “spirit” but not terms of bond agreement

| April 8, 2016
sheppard at VSU

(source: Facebook)

VALDOSTA – A former Valdosta State University student may have gone against the “spirit” of his bond agreement when he spoke to current students during a video conference this week, but the district attorney’s office says he did not violate the actual terms.

Eric Sheppard sparked a national media firestorm when he was seen walking on an American flag during campus protests almost one year ago. He addressed several current VSU students during a video conference call this week.

A video posted to Facebook, which has since been removed, shows Sheppard speaking to a small group of students gathered on campus about Pan-Africanism, genetic recessiveness and threats to white culture.

Sheppard was arrested last year after eluding law enforcement for a month after he was charged with leaving a firearm inside a backpack after a campus protest at VSU.

Sheppard has yet to stand trail on the campus gun charge, but bond conditions prohibit him from using social media in any form, either directly or indirectly, including Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

“I think while he violated the spirit of the bond conditions, it doesn’t violate the terms of it,” said Brad Shealy, Chief Assistant District Attorney for the Southern Judicial District.

In the future, Shealy said the office may tighten restrictions on Internet and social media use for defendants in similar cases.


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5 Comments on "DA Office: Sheppard video violates “spirit” but not terms of bond agreement"

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  1. Mrs. Martinez says:

    So posting to Facebook is not going on Facebook? Um….k.

  2. Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

    Seems to me he still broke the terms but I bet the CADA just doesn’t want to deal with the kid who will keep throwing the race card out.

  3. Clarence says:

    MMM…. a Bond that says you can’t get on Social Media…. DaFaq!

    House arrest? yes
    Not have a gun? yes
    Not use drugs? yes
    Not post on Twitter?? No even have a video of you posted on Facebook by someone else.

    Seem like the bond is design to stop him from reaching people. The Bond is design to stop he from having Free Speech.

  4. Teri Minto says:

    We already know he has no respect for the law and he still is not thinking clearly,he needs a head doctor for sure.