Brooks County High School Names Teacher of the Year

| April 18, 2016


QUITMAN- Being a teacher at Brooks County High School for slightly over a year, Charlotte Donald recently learned that she was selected as Brooks County High Schools Teacher of theYear.  Thirteen years as an educator, Donald says she never thought that teaching was her passion.  “I started teaching as a favor to a friend and fell in love with teaching mathematics to high school students.  I never knew so many students struggled with math,” says Donald.  Learning that math was a rough subject for many students, Donald decided that she would pursue teaching as a profession and share her love of mathematics with students.

Donald believes that essential qualities an Educator should possess are adaptability, consistency and a caring heart.  “It is essential for a teacher to care enough about their students to consistently provide a learning environment that promotes learning and prepares each student for life after high school,” says Donald.

Donald says that she wants her students to understand that many challenges in life are similar to the complexity of mathematical concepts that they have learned.  According to Donald you must develop a strategy and approach it one step at a time.

“I hope to inspire students to pursue a career after high school. I would like for at least 98% of my students to attend a four year college, technical college, join the military or learn a skill or trade to support themselves and their future families. My desire is for my students to become productive and respectful citizens,” says Donald.

To be chosen as Brooks County High School’s Teacher of the Year is surreal for Donald. “I have only been a part of the BCHS family for a year and four months and now I am the teacherof the year! I am deeply honored to represent BCHS,” says Donald.


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