VSU students booted from Trump rally may file lawuits

| March 3, 2016

ATLANTA – Some of the students who were booted from Monday’s Donald Trump rally at Valdosta State University met with a state senator Wednesday, and the American Civil Liberties Union says its looking into possible lawsuits.

Around 30 black students were asked to leave Trump’s VSU rally held at the school’s P.E. Complex. The students said they were ejected for “no reason,” but Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress has said the Trump campaign asked for the students removal due to disruptive behavior and vulgar language.

Some of the students spoke out against the incident during a press conference in Atlanta with State Senator Vincent Ford (D-Atlanta).

atlanta conference

The students allege local law enforcement and the Trump campaign trampled on their First Amendment Right to free speech by ejecting them from the event.

However, Childress said the Trump campaign rented the facility and were allowed to dictate who could come and go from the private, ticketed event.

“During that time that he rented it, he called the shots,” Childress said. “Do I agree with that? Well, it doesn’t matter what I think. That’s the law… If they are unhappy, they need to blame themselves not law enforcement. Our officers did an extraordinary job. The law is the law. It is his show, and he can decide who comes in and out of there.”

VSU student Quinten Sims said he was one of the students kicked out of the rally and that he was subjected to racial slurs as he left.

“We were treated like second-class citizens,” Sims said. “I don’t think anyone was afraid or was scared or anything like that.”

The ACLU said its looking into filing lawsuits on the student’s behalf.

VSU students were joined at the Wednesday press conference by students who said they were kicked out of a Hillary Clinton rally in Atlanta.

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  1. Totall Disgusted says:

    I am literally in awe of the stupidity of this group of students thinking their actions are in any way right or validated and the money hungry, grown men standing beside them needing their 5 minutes of fame. I can only hope the judge explains to them that money isn’t free and not everything is about race like they always want it to be. What a shame these kids were not raised with a better moral compass.

  2. Robert says:

    Seriously? I have no words that would be allowed here. Stingy people looking for quick, and easy money. That was their end game. They knew exactly what was going to happen and planned it out. They knew that they would do a silent protest, which was illegal by federal law due to the secret service being there. They knew that this would cause them to be kicked, and so they planned to file a lawsuit afterwards. Why else would you so quickly meet with a Senator and discuss possible lawsuit. While everyone has the freedom of speech, Chief Childress is right. A person that has rented a facility now owns that facility for the duration. The owner is allowed to kick out whomever they want. There is no lawsuit coming out of this that these kids will win. Also, let’s look at another factor. Billionaire attorney’s versus the attorney’s of low income people. Who do you think will win that lawsuit?

    • Robert you're an idiot says:

      Money was not at all a factor in the assembly of these students and they did not gather knowing or believing they would be thrown out. But it is very typical for someone who is ignorant to the situation to believe there is an ulterior motive for financial gains. Some people just want to be respected and treated fairly. In this case they were not, they were thrown out for being silent and black and that is it. And no matter how you put it their removal was racially motivated.

  3. Totall Disgusted 2 says:

    I mean c’mon…. look at these guys. Do you really believe they, at the very least, did not use vulgar language???

    • Wow says:

      What is this even supposed to mean? What makes them “look” like guys who would use vulgar language? Their suits or…?

      • Lalaland says:

        They are college students in 2016 and do not use vulgar language? That is the most hysterical thing I have ever heard!

  4. SomeoneatVSU says:

    A number of them are my students. They do not use vulgar language. They are proud and honorable members of the Blazer family. I will thank you not to insult them.

    • Kylo says:

      Private event Trumps their free speech. The Donald can have anyone removed. As a teacher, you should also make it clear #alllivesmatter

      • Important says:

        You’re completely out of line by insulting my classmates in any way. You troll on this as a false name. You are part of the reason situations like this occur. All lives matter but you’re not interested in the Black one’s. Have an awesome life under that bridge.

    • J'onn J'onezz says:

      Suuuuure they are Trollio.

    • Lowndesgrl123 says:

      Just because someone doesn’t use bad language in a class doesn’t mean they don’t use it. My friends and I were sitting a few rows from them. They were cussing and yelling among other things.

  5. Reading is fundamental says:

    Obviously the current three responses above did not read. If you had read the article, you would see that the children did not plan to press charges. The ACLU reached out and felt it was necessary for THEM to press charges on their behalf. Please get your facts straight before being totally disgusted. If you have NEVER had to experience racism, racial slurs, or discrimination your opinion is invalid. I am totally disgusted that you do not feel that everyone has the right to their first amendment, didn’t you just exercise yours!?
    Exactly. What is wrong is wrong.

    • Sharien says:

      Wow, the supporters of Donald Trump! These are college students, educated individuals who are black and you think they want money. How about a little respect, the first three comments sound like members of a racial group who does not believe in equal rights and freedom of speech. Correction, the law cannot discriminate on others rights because someone rented a facility. Life is about to change dramatically with supporters like the first three.

      • Dave says:

        I’m not commenting on the situation as a whole, because I don’t know all of the details. However, if they were asked to leave a private event, held on private property, they can be asked to leave at any time. If they don’t leave, they can be kicked out. It’s just that simple. As long as it is not discrimination, no one is forced to hear your “first amendment right” on private property if they don’t want to. I can assume they were disruptive in some way, and that’s why they were asked to leave.

        • VSUSTUDENT says:

          This is correct, however, the PE Complex of a state-funded public institution is never private property. This is particularly true for students and donors of the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities. These are students of the university, not random people.

          • Lowndesgrl123 says:

            However it was rented out for a private event, this makes it no longer public access for the duration of the event.

        • Latoya Ivey says:

          Wasn’t private property, was the public college building, a college they are paying to attended

    • Robert says:

      I have experienced racism thank you very much. And I am white. I see it all the time. I have seen may good candidates not get a job because of some Field Director saying that the white to black ratio in the place of employment is out of balance and something needs to be done about that. But then again, I guess only black people can pull the “race” card and get sympathy for it.

      • Robert you're an idiot says:

        Are they better canidates because they are white? Did you ever think that maybe that black individual was better qualified for the job than anyone else and that’s why they received it? Or do you believe white is always right no matter the circumstance?

        • Robert says:

          No. There are things such as ratio for employers that must be met. I am by far not racist. I am more than willing to give you names of those that know me and will tell you i am not racist. I am however, racist against stupid. CLling me an idiot doesnt hurt my feelings at all. Juat shows that you have no real argument about anything i have said thus far. Robert is my real name, so now you know im not using a fake name or anything.

          But to answer your question. I was told personally that I didnt get a job that i applied for becUse they were soecifically looking for a black candidate to fill the position. I know the individual that got the job i applied for. Juat so happens i did an internship at this place, which is why i know this. I am white, hold a Masters degree, 12 years military service. I was going for a position within the criminal justice system. The chosen candidate held a Bachelors degree, which was minimum requirements, no experience at all within criminal justice, but got the job because he was black. The agency knew my work ethics as i awas doing an internship there for almost a year. Did i go complaining to a board about being discriminated against when i obviously was the better candidate?? Nope, i simply congradulated the chosen individual and moved on. So yes…..as a WHITE person, i have been discriminated against, but i dont go around claiming discrimination and threatening lawsuits.

  6. Wow says:

    I pray for this nation as well as the other people who have commented on this situation. I know these students personally and none of them were looking for a “quick buck” in this case. We hear and see so much about Trump and his campaign on tv and news and we had the opportunity to see it first hand so why not go and educate ourselves on his campaign? These students reserved tickets for the this event just like everyone else so why were they the ones singled out of the crowd when there were people with “F*** Trump” shirts on? These students were not using vulgar nor derogatory language unlike the people in the crowd yelling at them as they were escorted out. If this disgusts you and not the real problem at hand, you should reevaluate yourself.

    • Jesse says:

      If they’re treated like 2nd class people tell them to come walk a mile in my shoe’s and be a truck driver for a mouth

      • Open mind says:

        Well driver if you are treated like a 2nd class citizen you need to check yourself, because I’m a driver and I have never been treated in that manner, I think I speak for a lot of drivers who are safe and dependable. Just maybe you act like you 2nd class , maybe you are one of those drivers that gets out of the truck at the fuel island and stay gone for 30 min.. maybe you should find a another job or company. .

      • Important says:

        That was your choice of a job. We didn’t choose to be black and we certainly won’t disown it. Your attempt to justify actions was actually terrible.

  7. Just Me says:

    Why is it the very people that scream “racism” every chance they get, are the very ones that keep racism alive.. smh* I am shocked that college educated youth would stoop this low.. I guess anything for a buck?

  8. John Taylor says:

    Of course theyre gonna sue.

    Thats how Obama supporters ROLL.

    • blacksheep says:

      And how do roll Mr. I can say what I want to say because in this country that I live in I have freedom of speech and it only applies to me and Americans that look, sound and think like
      I do to hell with that garbage

      • Robert says:

        Freedom of Speech is limited by the 1st amendment as well. The supreme court has ruled what can and cannot be said under the Free Speech of the 1st amendment. So, you cant exactly say what you want when you want to.

  9. Steve says:

    Racial slurs? Really? When have been through this exercise many times before. Show the videos and lets hear/see what really happened.

  10. Gail Williams says:

    Total waste of time and money. All they are doing this for is media coverage. There is video of them dressed as Black Panthers ,being disruptive and using vulgar language.

    • Important says:

      Where’s the video? Where’s the proof? Were you there? Black Panthers? Your comment has so many fails in it, I question the entire thing. These students were just that…. STUDENTS. They came to write papers about the rally, hear what Mr.Trump actually has to say because the media distorts everything for ratings. No language was used besides asking why they were being removed. No vulgarity whatsoever. They didn’t come in singing the national negro anthem, they weren’t chanting they came in clothes to distinguish themselves from supporters and they stood peacefully on a campus that doesn’t care about any student , black or white.

    • Evidence? says:

      Hi Gail,

      Can you provide said video of them “dressed as Black Panthers”? Just curious, I hadn’t seen or heard anything of the nature. Quotes don’t count; video or pictures please!

  11. dixie&trixie says:

    The problem is the first 3 commenters probably can read that’s why they are Trump supporters remember he said it out of his own mouth “I love the poorly educated” but these are the people who think they are better than someone else it’s a darn shame

    • Robert says:

      I will go on record and say that I am NOT a Trump supporter. Didn’t even buy or even consider buying tickets to go to his rally. I said a similar thing in another post somewhere on here that I only vote because it is my belief that one should not complain about who the President is unless they vote. I also said that we may have to choose the lesser of 2 evils. I personally don’t like Clinton due to her use of e-mail to send secret information around. Trump has his flaws as well. Bankruptcy 3 times to get where he is now. While his comments about our borders and every other comment may not be liked, that’s all they are…comments. Unfortunately, Clinton has shown what she can and cannot do with her multiple chances of being in a political position. I have not like them at all. So, I will vote for who I feel will be best. Trump or Clinton. This does not mean that I support Trump should I choose to vote for him. I’m choosing to vote so I can complain for the next 4 years about the idiot that will be replacing Obama. And yes….both Clinton and Trump are idiots…which one is more so has yet to be seen.

      • Stooge says:

        Its a sad choice to be sure. There will be a holding of noses at the ballot come November.

  12. Stooge says:

    They don’t have a case regardless of what the ACLU says. That group would convince someone to sue if it rained during a picnic. The candidate contracted the site for a private event where the public was invited. The contract holder has power over who stays or goes..period.
    I don’t even like Trump but he’s on firm legal ground here.

  13. That Guy says:

    The main problem is that no matter if its black or white younger people these days think they can go anywhere and act the fool, and then when they are called out on it, someone else is the problem or they were mistreated, or some other nonsense. Grow up people if they didnt like Trump, then they should have watched it on t.v. instead of going just to show out. Be informed, but if its not your scene just dont go. Smh. This is whats wrong with America. It doesnt always have to be Racial!!!!

    • blacksheep says:


      • That Guy says:

        So i guess the female student that was involved, that said it wasnt racial and that there was profanity and disruptiveness going on, really meant to say we got kicked out for wearing black. Please be informed before coming at me. I think before i type. And i researched the WHOLE situation before i posted.

  14. Desi says:

    I’m am shocked and disgusted that there are actually supposedly mature adults posting the first 3 comments above. Like,what is wrong with you people? Yes,you people as in racists! Trump tours the country telling racial slurs and saying ‘make America great again’ in the same country that was stolen from native Americans in the first place. How dare his supporters feel as if they are entitled to this country when if it weren’t for the genocide of innocent native Americans for this land,there would be NO AMERICA.Also,to the guy up there stereotyping young black men as if you can ‘look’ like you use vulgar language. I happen to know some of these well educated students. How dare your simple mind try to make them look as if they need money and are some kind of bottom feeders or something. No sir. You are ignorant and just plain wrong. I will not condemn all Trump supporters to ignorance but the first 3 comments I read explains alot of what the majority of Trump supporters think. Its sad. Hmmm. Make America great again,huh?You know what made America great for the settlers in the first place? Killing natives for their land and establishing a corporate entity disguised as a government. Anyway,you adults should be ashamed of yourself for stepping back a few decades to 1950 and making it seem like stereotypical racism is ok. But what can I expect in South Ga. We are among racist that hide their bigotry until it seems ok to unleash it. Trump supporters are getting a breath of fresh air because they’ve held this racism in for years. But these educated new generation of black men are not to easy to put down and stay down. Just know that! -end rant

  15. Sal Monroe says:

    No blacksheep, Merrill G. or that bad-azz white lady?


  16. Mary Harper says:

    I was there and was close to where the group was. They had this planned all dressed in black. They intended on being disruptive and causing a problem. Black or white they would have been asked to leave because of their behavior!

    • blacksheep says:

      What did they do Mary dressing in black doesn’t make them trouble makers they all wore black to let this fool know that they don’t agree with what he is saying so if all they were doing is sitting down wearing black even if they had something planned they should have been allowed to stay because they had done nothing

  17. blacksheep says:

    Valdosta is on the national news lets see how enrollment drops we give all thanks to Trump

    • Steve says:

      If there is a drop in enrollment thank the Nation of Islam Cult and its VSU representative Eric Shepard.

      • dixie&trixie says:

        Eric Sheppard was charged with carrying a gun on campus which your elected leader just passed a bill saying that it’s ok to do so please find another talking point clown

  18. David says:

    This is so silly. I was there and three of the girls in this film clip sat behind me. I watched as they tried every conceivable way to get attention and when they were ignored they got out of their seats and joined a group on the main floor already engaged with the police.
    The police, the secret service and others assigned to keep order could not have been more professional or accommodating. They told the girls that they needed to go to the assigned area if they wanted to protest and the girls refused.
    It appeared all to obvious there were people there to cause trouble.
    I wish someone would ask the girls what Trump said. I’m sure they don’t have a clue.

    • dixie&trixie says:

      David he has been saying the same thing since June just adding more hateful rhetoric for the local idiots

  19. Idiocracy says:

    Private: (belonging to or for the use of one particular person or group of people only:
    synonyms: personal · own · individual · special · exclusive ·

    2.(of a person) having no official or public role or position:

    3.(of a service or industry) provided or owned by an individual or an independent, commercial company rather than by the government:

    The venue was rented by Trump, period. Go find another way to race bait “professional victims”.