VSU student at Trump rally says group removal not racial

| March 7, 2016


VALDOSTA – Thirty students were booted from last week’s Donald Trump rally at Valdosta State University, and a student who witnessed the incident says the group was removed for using profanity and the incident “was not racial.”

Tamelonie Thomas said she was asked to leave the rally but was not a part of the group of students wearing all black who were removed from the event about 30 minutes before Trump took the stage.

In an interview with The Valdosta Daily Times, Thomas said students dressed in all black clothing were “taken outside because of the profanity.”

“Nothing happened. No one was arrested. No one was mistreated. Everyone was respectful,” Thomas told the Times. “I just don’t like people, and the media, trying to turn this into something that it was not.”

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7 Comments on "VSU student at Trump rally says group removal not racial"

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  1. Steve says:

    We all knew this was the case. I suspect this woman will get the usual “Uncle Tom” treatment we see time and again. Pray for her safety and that God will give her his guidance/wisdom.

  2. Robert says:

    Interesting. A lot of others, including a VSU teacher, stated that there was no way that these kids were using profanity, yet here we are…someone saying that they indeed, were using profanity. Just because someone acts a particular way around you, doesn’t mean they are like that all the time.

  3. Matt says:

    This proves that there are still young people with a working moral compass.

  4. dixie&trixie says:

    Well why was she asked to leave and who’s to say she is the only person that can tell the truth

    • Steve says:

      Honey, hit the ‘read more’ button up top.

      • dixie&trixie says:

        I have read the entire article and my point is people are saying she is just the best thing ever because she is saying what you want to hear but how about the other students that say different what makes their word any less credible
        And when the sheriff and police chief said that they were asked to have them removed by Trumps staff where are all of the locals who should be taking up for our local law enforcement oh I forgot you guys like what this bigot has to say you just don’t have the courage to say it your self

        • cfjones says:

          dixie&trixie….. EXACTLY! well-said, and thanks for saying so. Out of all the articles about this event, this one exists supposedly quotes Thomas. I don’t give much credibility to this one article but apparently, some believe it to be the word of God. But I’ll be diving deeper to find out if this statement by Thomas has been fabricated by the author.