In Other News: Cops Figured Out a Neighbor Broke Into a Woman’s Car . . . Because He Wouldn’t Stop Talking at the Crime Scene

| March 17, 2016


A woman in Mount Dora, Florida called the cops on Saturday morning because someone had smashed the window of her car and stolen some stuff from inside.

When the cops got there, her 33-year-old neighbor George Dejarnette wandered up. He seemed like just a concerned neighbor . . . until he started talking.

The cops noticed a drop of blood in the car, and George said it might be his, because he was trying to sweep up the broken glass around the car. But when the cops asked why the blood was INSIDE the car, he couldn’t give them an answer.

The woman told the cops and George all she really wanted back was her debit card. And about an hour later, it miraculously showed up back in her car.

So George was promptly arrested.

And when the cops searched his apartment, they found the other stuff that he’d stolen from the car.

(Leesburg Daily Commercial

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