In Other News: A Woman Is Caught With a Four-Year-Old Girl in Her Carry-On

| March 10, 2016


I know baggage fees are ridiculous, but there are SOME things you just can’t jam into a carry-on.

A woman was flying from Istanbul, Turkey to Paris, France on Air France on Monday night, when someone saw her carry-on bag MOVING. So they told the flight attendants, and the flight attendants opened her bag.

And inside was . . . a FOUR-YEAR-OLD GIRL.

The girl was from Haiti, and apparently the woman was in the process of adopting her. She’d flown from Haiti to Istanbul without a problem, but Air France wouldn’t let them on the plane to Paris. So the woman hid the girl in a bag, and got on.

The flight attendants moved the girl to an actual seat, and when the flight landed in Paris, the police took the woman and the girl off. Now they say they’re investigating.


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