In Other News: A Tallahassee Man Sets a Car on Fire to Get Revenge . . . But Burned the Wrong Car

| March 24, 2016


32-year-old Leslie Miller the Third of Tallahassee, Florida clearly doesn’t know how to handle a break-up. And he also has HORRIBLE attention to detail.

He wanted to get revenge on his ex’s new boyfriend a few weeks ago, and he knew the guy drove a yellow 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo. So when he found out the guy’s car was getting repaired, he broke into the dealership and set it on FIRE.

There was just one problem: It wasn’t the guy’s car. HIS yellow 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo was being repaired at a different body shop.

Leslie was arrested on Friday for arson. And call me crazy, but he MIGHT have a second charge coming.

Because three days after Leslie realized he burned the wrong car, someone broke into the other body shop and set the ex’s yellow Monte Carlo on fire.

The police are still investigating.

(Tallahassee Democrat

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