In Other News: A Homeless Guy Handed Out Resumes Instead of Asking for Change

| March 7, 2016


A 52-year-old guy named Frederick Callison moved to California for a job about two years ago, but it fell through.  And he ended up HOMELESS.

He had a ton of experience as a line cook, but he just couldn’t find any work.  So he recently decided to sit outside a grocery store in Sacramento.

And instead of asking for change, he handed out RESUMES.

Someone took a picture of him doing it late last month . . . posted it online along with a photo of the resume . . . and asked people to share it on Facebook.

And shortly after that, a pizza place in downtown Sacramento HIRED him.

He’s working as a cook, and someone’s also giving him a place to stay until he can save up for an apartment.

(UPI / Today)

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