In Other News: A Guy Falls Off an 11th Story Balcony, Lands in a Shallow Pool . . . and Survives

| March 8, 2016


I can’t believe someone fell off a balcony in Panama City Beach, Florida BEFORE Spring Break even started.

38-year-old Mark Hefley was putting some new hardwood flooring in a condo on the 11th story of a condo in Panama City Beach last week.  Then he went out on the balcony to stretch his back on the railing.

And somehow while he was doing his stretch routine, he tipped OVER the railing, and fell 100 feet.

And miraculously, he landed RIGHT in the pool below.  “Lethal Weapon” style.

Even though he only landed in four feet of water, apparently it was enough to completely break his fall.  He actually managed to get out of the pool on his own, then he walked over to a pool chair to wait for paramedics.

He was taken to the hospital for treatment.  And yeah, Mark was completely sober at the time, he just slipped.

(Panama City News Herald)

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