In Other News: A Groom Got Into a High Speed Police Chase in His “Just Married” Car

| March 9, 2016


Call me crazy, but I think these kids are gonna make it.

27-year-old Michael Smith of Nashville, Tennessee got married last Thursday night. And then apparently he FREAKED OUT.

He hopped in his car and sped off . . . even though it had “Just Married” written on the back window.

The cops saw him swerving on the highway, and tried to pull him over. But he led them on a CHASE. He finally gave up after 20 miles.

According to the cops, he told them he, quote, “just got married and was trying to process everything” and “just had a life crisis and a lot on his mind.”

He was arrested and charged with evading arrest, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving. There’s no word on what his new wife thinks of this.

(Huffington Post

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