Georgia Association of Educators wants Religious Liberty Bill vetoed

| March 22, 2016

Georgia Capitol

ATLANTA – On Monday, the Georgia Association of Educators urged the Governor to veto a controversial bill aimed at protecting the rights of people who oppose same-sex marriage.

The GAE President said the bill could lead to business boycotts and lost conventions and events that would hurt the economy and result in less revenue for schools.

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3 Comments on "Georgia Association of Educators wants Religious Liberty Bill vetoed"

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  1. Ed Uktr says:

    So this is something Georgia teachers voted on? Of course not.

    GAE is the local branch of the NEA, a teachers’ union which funnels cash to Democrats and liberal causes.

  2. Eric "Da Blacksheep" TrixNDix says:

    YAY, your tax dollars at work folks. Those politicians could be working on ways to improve infrastructure, bring businesses to GA, improving the Criminal Justice system, handling illegal immigration within the state, or a whole host of things that are important. NOPE, they would rather protect the bigots and in the process actually run a lot of money out of the state. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, not a hard concept.

  3. Randy Mixon says:

    Beware of these organizations names because they sound important and influential. However, these people are left wing organizations that actively support liberal movements and causes. Do your research. This article basically said in code words: “Obama wants this bill vetoed”. Classic media.

    National Organization of Federal Collard Greens says Mustards are Poisonous.