AAA: Gas Prices Could Rise 10 Cents in March

| March 1, 2016


VALDOSTA – According to AAA, motorists found the cheapest gas prices for the month of February since 2004. The monthly average was $1.77 in Florida, $1.67 in Georgia, $1.54 in Tennessee, and $1.73 nationwide.

Throughout the month, gas prices declined a total of 5 cents nationwide, 9 cents in Florida, 7 cents in Georgia, and 8 cents in Tennessee.

  • February gas prices now carry a 5-year monthly average of $2.30 nationally, $2.34 in Florida, $2.21 Georgia, and $2.19 in Tennessee.
  • The highest monthly average for February was in 2013: $3.65 (U.S.), $3.72 (FL), $3.59 (GA), and $3.47 (TN).

“This was the first time in 10 years that gas prices finished the month of February lower than they started,” said Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA – The Auto Club Group. “Historically, gas prices have risen 30 to 40 cents during February, but this year was different, due to low oil prices and record high supplies of oil and gasoline.”

Gas Prices Rise in March

  • Last year, gas prices in March rose 2 cents nationwide and 9 cents in Florida, but declined 6 cents in Georgia, and 4 cents in Tennessee.
  • During the past five years, gas prices in March rose an average of 8 cents nationwide, 9 cents in Florida, 4 cents in Georgia, and 6 cents in Tennessee.
  • Since 2000, March gas prices increased an average of 11 cents in Georgia, and 12 cents in Florida, Tennessee, and the U.S.
  • The average price of gas for the month of March covering the past five years is $3.40 nationwide, $3.42 in Florida, $3.28 in Georgia, and $3.20 in Tennessee.
  • The average gas price in March for all months since 2000 averaged $2.47 nationwide, $2.50 in Florida, $2.36 in Georgia, $2.35 in Tennessee.

“Gas prices rise in March because more Americans are beginning to take spring road trips. This creates increased demand for gasoline at a time when refineries are putting-out less fuel, due to seasonal maintenance. Demand is now beginning to increase, as are prices at the pump. However, prices are unlikely to surge as supplies remain abundant.”


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