Watch the Donald Trump Valdosta Rally

| February 29, 2016

VALDOSTA – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump takes to the stage at 6 p.m. this evening at Valdosta State University.

Watch a live video stream of the rally here:

Courtesy of Right Side Broadcasting

Valdosta Trump Rally Photo Gallery
Protest area designated for VSU Trump visit, parking may be issue
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35 Comments on "Watch the Donald Trump Valdosta Rally"

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  1. blacksheep says:

    Yes please go look at the whack jobs

    • Butch says:

      Look at yourself in the mirror.

    • NewAmerica says:

      Look in the mirror!!

      • BLACKSHEEP says:

        I just saw 4 people and not 12 teeth between them these are the takers in society but they are not smart enough to realize that they are voting against their own interest just like he says he loves the poorly educate

    • Kafir Farm says:

      Whackjobs for wanting someone who puts USA first? Sad you are not bright enough to see the value of a man like Trump to the USA..How many jobs has anyone else running for President created? What kind of trade experience do they have? Yeah…I think Trump will fix the mess we are in..and lots of others do to!

      • BLACKSHEEP says:

        You are probably one of the 17k per year winners he’s getting all riled up talking about immigrants taking your jobs when in all actuality its your GED and the meth

    • Blacksheep,you seem to have a lot of hate in you let it go God loves you.Do not be a part of the lies that have been spread about an innocent family God bless.

  2. Ms. Varjak says:

    I’d rather blind myself with a rusty spoon.

    • Kafir Farm says:

      Yeah thats right blind yourself so you don’t have to work..sort of LIKE BERNIE who didn’t have a job until he was 40 years old..LAZY..

  3. John Taylor says:


    Just what this Country needs right now.

    A Leader. Not a bought/paid for Politician.

    • LIZ says:


    • A nonpassive member of society says:

      Lol. Right! He’s NOT a politician. Instead you’re getting a “bought” (which also means paid for, by the way), imbecile who is also a racist, bigot, and misogynist, among other things. This man, if you can call him that, is an entertainer. A lair who feeds off of the poorly educated population, and people who are too lazy, or too self righteous, to actually look at his plans for this country (what few he actually has). He says whatever sounds good in the moment. He is not a leader. He is a greedy tyrant who says rediculous things and people believe him. But I forgot, he’s a “republican” (this year), so obviously he should be president, seeing as how all Obama has done is lower gas prices, lower the poverty level, and create a better healthcare system. What type of terrible leader does those things for his people?

      • Really??? says:

        Talking about imbeciles, check your spelling of “REDICULOUS”!!!!!

      • Trump for President says:

        Obama did has not lowered fuel prices. It was actually only $ 1.89 when Bush left office. It was $ 2.50 at it’s highest when Bush was in office. So, please do not give Obama credit other than making prices higher while in office. It is only going down now to help the Democrats because people like you are stupid enough to give Obama the credit. You should check your numbers on lowering the poverty level before actually submitted your comments. Statistics show it has actually increased. Now, for Health Care…. Insurance rates are at their highest ever because of Obamacare and people are actually having to spend as much as a mortgage payment to have healthcare. A lot of hospitals and doctors will not even accept the insurance the the freeloaders get with Obamacare. Just wait and see when it is your turn to go visit a doctor.

  4. GAMAMAOF4 says:

    I can’t wait!! Trump 2016!!

  5. Tiftblue says:

    Blacksheep, I thought it said Trump was in town not Hillary… All this

  6. Daniel English says:

    I imagine Trump will have the local Klan members in a festive mood.

    • Kafir Farm says:

      Sad for you…Can you help if anyone says they like you or not? Cant blame TRUMP that people prefer TRUMP to ANCHOR BABIES and CANADIANS…

      • A nonpassive member of society says:

        No, but you CAN blame him for not denouncing these people and refusing their support for his campaign. How blindly agreeable do you have to be to say, “oh, it’s not his fault?” What you should be wondering is why people like that are willing to openly endorse Drumpf in the first place.

  7. Mark says:

    Veterans for Trump.

  8. Steve Ekstrom says:

    Absolutely disgusted that this orange-haired turd is speaking at my alma mater.

    You support a big businessman who can barely keep himself out of bankruptcy when you support Trump…but most of you are too stupid to realize it because you’re all already completely mesmerized by the persona you see on his reality television branding–you’re all in his Cult of Personality.

    You support the American version of Mussolini.

    Welcome to the Idiocracy.

    • Trump for President says:

      Before you talk about bankruptcy, talk about going to a title pawn in between paychecks because of mismanaged money.

      Trump filed bankruptcy to save the businesses and save jobs. It took a bankruptcy to be able to restructure and regroup. The balances were not written off they were actually paid back. Maybe do some research first.

  9. Matthew says:

    Why don’t he like mexicans

  10. OiFheo says:

    Nobody ever talks about the fact that Trump has been “donating” to the Clinton Foundation for years, or the fact that he is a former registered Democrat. And all of these people who keep regurgitating “Make America Great Again” are racist, xenophobic, and COMPLETELY uninformed. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be supporting him. That, or you haven’t done research, which, as a voter, is unforgivably irresponsible. CNN came downtown today specifically to interview Republicans. They declined to speak to anyone other than Trump supporters. That’s “journalism” for ya!

  11. NFB says:

    Does anyone know what the heckler/protester said near the end? I couldn’t hear what was said.

  12. Reginald Phillips says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and my opinion and I thinkTrump has tapped into the underbelly of racism in America.

  13. Rex Reed says:

    These comments are incredible. Trump haters spewing barf all over the place. They want the same politics that have destroyed every social program in America and our country is bankrupt. Jobs are being lost, the dollar is a joke, and the globalists own both parties. Yet, they hate Trump and love the broken system we have now. They are like sheep wandering aimlessly about.

  14. Dallas says:

    None of this actually matters….because, as much as I hate to say it, Billary Clinton will win and nothing will change for another decade….Trump is just an entertainer and probably has some sort of personality disorder. So, do not waste your time getting upset…those of you who actually work for a living and are responsible should just keep doing what you are doing…….